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1 Cardboard Castles

An awesome song. I didn't like it much the first time, but it definitely grew on me. I'm not saying it's that type of song though. My best friend Nick heard it and loved it. I also want to see "tiny glowing screens" and "sloppy seconds" on here.

2 Moral of the Story

This guy^ Speaks the truth, if you want something in life... "WORK till your arms fall off till your abs get hard, and the... " well you know the rest. - Graham

3 Ugly Faces
4 Strong As An Oak
5 Hey, A*****e
6 Sarajevo
7 Stupidass
8 Seizure Boy
9 Pale Kid Raps Fast
10 Two Blue Moons

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12 100 Words You Could Say Instead of Swag

I just personally feel the song shows how intelligent he is and how humorous he is.

13 F*** an Emcee Name
14 Dedicated to Christina Li
15 A New Kind of Sexy
16 Sloppy Seconds

WHY IS THIS NUMBER 16! It should be number 1, this song gets stuck in my head and I never get sick of this song even how many time I hear it. I strongly think that this songs deserves number 1 on his spot. Everything from hook,lyrics and everything is amazing! I truly don't get why this is not number 1

17 Man of Constant Sorrow
18 Tiny Glowing Screens Pt. 3

It summerizes society in such a grandiose and wonderful song - GillisL

19 Kick Monday
20 Wounded Healer
21 Who's Been Loving You?
22 Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt. 2
23 Whoa Whoa Whoa
24 All You Can Do
25 Grass Is Greener
26 4AM Monday
27 Headphones
28 All I Ever Wanted
29 Gummy Bear Hundrednaire
30 Ink Don't Bleed
31 Right Now
32 Give a Hater a Hug
33 Danger
34 Waking Hour
35 Beginning of the End
36 Women, Women, Women
37 Show Goes On Mini-Mix
38 Ninjas In Paris
39 Dent In the Moon
40 The One
41 Stand for Something
42 Bet Against Me
43 Boomerang
44 Hand Over Hand
45 Tears to Diamonds
46 Never Let It Die
47 Cannonball
48 My First Stalker
49 Let's Get High and Watch Planet Earth
50 Pink Lemonade
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1. Moral of the Story
2. Sarajevo
3. Two Blue Moons
1. Stupidass
2. Cardboard Castles
3. Seizure Boy


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