Best Wax Audio Mashups

The Top Ten Best Wax Audio Mashups

1 Stayin' Alive In The Wall

This went straight to my YouTube favourites when I saw it! It was the most awesome thing I've ever seen on YouTube, and it still is after all of this time! Wax Audio is the most underrated YouTuber on the planet, and this video should be more popular than Gangnam Style! No question.

2 Sad But Superstitious

This should be in the top 3.

3 South of the Grapevine

This song is magic. Only Wax Audio would think to combine Slayer and Marvin Gay. Funny thing about this is that South of the Grapevine is a song that I legitimately like on its own. Usually, I watch mash ups for a good laugh; and while I get that from this song, it's still quite good. I would argue that it's better than the two original songs. - surgeonsanic

4 Blue Jump
5 Whole Lotta Sabbath

This one is awesome. Who knew that Whole Lotta Love and War Pigs worked so well together? - Gg2000

6 Thunder Busters
7 Careless Rebel
8 Crystal Maiden
9 The Final Teen Spirit

Epic that's all I can say about it

Interesting title. - DynastiNoble

10 Chemical Diver

The Contenders

11 Golden Teardrops
12 Panama Beat

This thing overloads with Van Halen-ness (if such a word existed). - Gg2000

13 Master of Doin' It
14 Lady Judas
15 Stayin in Black
16 A Hard Girls Night
17 Breathe and Destroy
18 Maiden goes to Bollywood
19 The Devil’s Highway
20 Dissolved by the Water All These Years (Cover Me)
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