Best Ways to Die In Doctor Who

How many ways are there to die in the Doctors life?...Thousands.

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River's captors, Rory the Roman, Amy's Mom and dad, even weeping angles---if you touch the cracks (Not those cracks) in time, you will never have existed. The only people that can remember you are time travelers if you're not part of their non-time travel life. - FallenFuse

2 Becoming the DOCTOR

Dooming yourself to becoming a madman with a box who constantly ignores the question "Doctor Who? " by opening the watch on the word of your inherited slave. Who won't vote for this one? When the Doctor took up the name John Smith, he entrusted Martha Jones to open the watch where he keeps his time lord conciousness. The rulers are your basic time lord rules, except for one in the deleted scenes: "Don't let me eat a pear! I hate Pears! " - FallenFuse

Definitely becoming The Doctor. I mean, being the most brilliant thing ever? We all know Donna was happy about being the Doctor. At least before you die you'd be the happiest thing ever- I know I would.

3 Blinking

"Don't blink. Don't Turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink. Good Luck. " You blink, and the statues of Weeping angles will come to life, touch you (Not like that) and you will go back in time, and die before you're born. - FallenFuse


"Exterminate! EX-TER-MIN-ATE! The Doctor Will Surrender to the DALEKS! Daleks are suppreme. Daleks take no orders! Exterminate. " Wouldn't it suck for that to be the last thing you heard, coming out of a voice that sounds like a whinney child's before disintagration? - FallenFuse


5 Forgetting

"Silence will fall when the question is asked. On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature may speak falsely or fail to give answer, a question will be asked. A question that must never, ever be answered. " The moment you look away from a Silence, creatures of the Question, you forget them. And then they're on you. One of those times when becoming world famous for your amnesia just isn't worth it. - FallenFuse

6 Raxacoricofallapatorius Invasion

Ah yes, the tall green things with toothpaste on their foreheads that destroyed a clock. How we must fear them! The Sltheen family of the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius (Twin planet of Clom) have faced the Doctor or Sarah Jane Smith countless times, each one wearing a suit of human skin that looks like they're spreading toothpaste on their foreheads when they take off. Sometimes they go for the good old invasion type attack, but most often they use nuclear. - FallenFuse

7 Vaporization Via the BAD WOLF

"I am the bad wolf. I can see you, every atom in your body, and I divide them. " That basically sucks. - FallenFuse

8 Saving the Doctor

If your gonna die, let it be a good cause.

9 Absorbing all the energy of the TARDIS
10 One drop of the WATERS OF MARS

One drop. That's all it takes. One drop of the infected water of mars from Mars Station One, and their are cracks on your mouth, your body starts making water, and you become a host for the Alien invaders. Lovely. - FallenFuse

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11 Turning right
12 Earplugs of death

Someone removes your earplugs that currently control your brain due to a cyberman invasion... Its all over. - FallenFuse

13 Converted to Cyberman
14 Being the Weakest Link
15 Being Rory Williams
16 Attack of the GREEN REPTILIAN things with Lego Hands

Ice Warrior Invasion! The Ice Warriors, colonists of Mars, were a constant enemy of the Doctor's. They're yet to appear in the new series, although if they do, BBC better do something about those hands. - FallenFuse

17 Being Used to Resurrect the Master

Never dying, Never dying, Never dying, Never dying!
I'd die for that guy

18 Being Consumed by a Black Hole

Better than 'death by ood' as Jefferson says

19 Hit by a Car to Save the Universe
20 Crashing Into the Planet Earth, Thus Wiping Out the Dinosaurs

"Now I'll never know if I was right. "
Adric's death was the most important death on Doctor Who, and the saddest.

21 Killed by Dinosaurs, ON A SPACESHIP
22 Torn through the Time Vortex while holding onto the TARDIS while it travelled from 2008 to 100,000,000,000,000

Jack is lucky to be alone ve

23 Saving Wilfred Mott
24 Touched by a Weeping Angel
25 Your Ships Androids "Don't Have the Parts"
26 Be Absorbed by An Abzorbaloff
27 Blown Up by the Power of Love
28 Pulled Into the Void
29 Trying to Find a Cure for Death and Altering Your DNA
30 Being In Pompeii, On Volcano Day
31 Electrocuted by Your Slaves
32 Killed by a Giant Murderous Wasp
33 Having Two Shadows
34 Shot by a Plastic Roman
35 Shot by An Astronaut That Rises From a Lake In Utah
36 Beheaded by a Monk With a Sword
37 Worshipping a Minotaur
38 Being Unlucky Enough to be Turned Into a Dalek
39 Little Black Cubes
40 Grandfather Eats Your Soul
41 The Wifi Downloads You
42 Falling Off a Cloud
43 The Crimson Horror
44 Cardiac Arrest
45 Stabbed by Queen Elizabeth the First
46 Too Old and Too Cold
47 Forced by the Timelords
48 Radiation on Metebelis III
49 Falling to Your Death
50 Saving Peri Brown
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