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1 Dying from pure 100 orgasmic joy from all your wildest sexual fantasies being brought to reality all at the same time, and then being reincarnated so you can play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer with Gorge Carlin

I'm not sure what to feel about this list. - Misfire

Hell yeh dude

Why is this number 3 I would rather do this than die in my sleep - Norrisofchuck

I have been enlightened, thank you

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2 Sacrifice yourself to save others

God would be so proud, I am a christian, and jesus would die for me (he already did), and he would to it again, I love jesus, and I would sacrifice my life for the ones I love. laugh out loud epic way to die probably - SmoothCriminal

I said to myself before I die, I had to at least save something or someone. I will die on January 22nd 2019 or run away from my family and disappear somewhere.

This is my dream death, honestly! - Roslyn

They will be proud of you! - Userguy44

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3 In your sleep

You go to sleep...and never wake up... - BloodFang

This is the bestyou go to sleep and you wake up on a cloud in hevan awesome

This terrifies me. I want to know that I'm dying. - Roslyn

This should be #1. One of the least painful ways, period. - giddyjoker

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4 Dying of happiness

Just be Happy man just be happy and enjoy life

It so happy to die happly

I would die of happiness if I ever got to meet Halsey!

Dying of happiness and high from a wild recreational drug. Can you top that?

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5 Fighting for your country in a war

War is awful. - Userguy44

The best thing to do is die for what you believe... Whether that's in war or saving another. Why can't a Muslim die for religion and their country? Does that country necessarily have to be antithetical to US' interests? I would die for the US and my religion any day of the week.

It's been a honor

Why don’t you guys want tod be alive I always wanted you to live with me but how could we live without our lives nobody wants to/wanted to die plus because please it ain’t fun whatsoever we need police supervision but oh well you got what you wanted and that is what they gave/given you goodnight

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6 After finishing everything on your bucketlist

bare calm

That feeling of satisfation can't beat it - BreakFastBeast2005

I'm fourteen and I'm already making a mental bucked list because I'm afraid of dying with regret. It would be amazing if I could do everything that I want to do in life.

Even seven lives on the trot following this wouldn't be sufficient enough to empty my current bucketlist.. - Arhaan95

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7 Being Saved by Jesus Christ Before You Die

Jesus is our lord and savior his resurrection would prevent all our deaths and we would live for ever in the hell that is the earth
! 11! 1! 1!

Yeah, this is a good way to die, but does that mean that all of my non-Christian friends will go to Hell?! - Roslyn

Not really a fan of this one

You should be saved

Jesus: "If you wanna see how much you mean to me look at my hands look at my side if you could count the times I say you are forgiven it's more than the drops in the ocean"

Come on Jesus took your sins farther from you then the east is from the west trust him let him save you let him live inside you

John 3:16 for God loved the world in this way that he gave his only forgotten son so that any one who believes in his should not perish but have everlasting life
I am a Christian and I believe in getting saved Jesus wore a crown of thorns was nailed to a cross and whipped 40 times for everyone

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8 Laughing to death

Yes please.

That would happen to me!

Yeah it's the right way

What an enjoyable way to go! - Britgirl

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9 To die fighting for the people you love most

I died fighting for Danny Devito's hand In marriage 10/10 would die again - MentingBing

More points if your death results in them escaping death.

I would personally not like to die in my sleep, because when I die I want to know I'm dying and be able to see my family and friends one last time.

If I had to die, I want to die as a US Marine. I don't care how, where or when as long as I die as a Marine. If anyone reading this wants to enlist in the Corps, good luck to you - Rafterman

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10 Listening to your favourite song

Death in the air, strapped in the electric chair..

oh, crap I'm dead. At least I died listening to Ride the Lightning - Trivium

Um... how do you die listening to a song? The most horrible song was Baby by the way

I see a little silhouetto of a man, Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you...

Oh. Well. Bohemian Rhapsody, I'll miss you. But now I get to meet the greatest singer ever! FREDDIE MERCURY! YAY!

Did you know that...?!
I know. You are obsessed with me and couldn't wait to meet me.

Listening to "Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst" and having the last thing I hear be "Am I worth it? Did I put enough work in? Promise that you will sing about me, promise that you will sing about me," would give me closure before death to know that it was all worth it and I did put enough work in. - hiphopgod

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11 After finally getting a stack of diamonds


This kid plays too much minecraft

Lol minecraft is fun but this is real life. Is this about like dying in a hardcore world maybe - Lunala

Okay the cringy 11 year old who created this, show yourself..

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12 Death by chocolate

I love chocolate - DrayTopTens

By being immersed in it or by consuming it?

YES - AliciaMae

I would love to die by eating too much chocolate, or drowning in a pool of warm chocolate with fresh strawberries at hand. laugh out loud!

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13 Pressing the red button

Elmer Fudd did this, although Daffy Duck told him not to. Well, at least Elmer doesn't have to worry about tidal waves. X-p - giddyjoker

If I press the red button ill die cause I'm retarted

! So much fun. The red button is to die for ( pun intended)! ;-)

Who wouldn't want to take out the world with them!?! And for god sakes it's a button you have to press it!

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14 Committing suicide

NO. Ending your own life is never the option. - Misfire

This is not a nice way to die. I understand that some people can't help it, but it's an awful way to die. - Userguy44

At least I get to die on my own terms, and avoided the selfish act of bringing another poor good soul into this horrible existence. Planet Earth sucks, life is primarily misery, and the strong and wicked pray on the weakand innocent.

I will do this in a couple hours so I'm hoping it goes further up on the list

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15 Dying from Metal/Rock fever

Long live rock, they said. - galaxyfox

yeah! that would be great!
- rock2metal

Definitely the way I wanna die - rocker1796

HELL YEAH! This is the way I want to go. Metallica, AC-DC, Led Zeppelin all at once - Rafterman

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16 Jumping out of a 30,000 ft high plane or helicopter

No, this will hurt painfully. - Userguy44

I would do 1000000 flips

This time, I won't *need* a parachute.

Just imagine you listening to avenged seven fold and you falling to your death at 2,000 MPH FACE FIRST INTO A GIGANTIC NEEDLE! One other thing is happening your calling every kid you hate at school saying screw them and then calling your good friends and saying a nice goodbye

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17 Overdose of high concentrate Coca Cola

I LOOVE Coca Cola it's so good in every way best design best taste it's all awesome - SmoothCriminal

Opinion is someone's different perspective on something, and is not a fact. - TeamRocket747

I'm gonna try this

Its delicious, enough said

I can't have coke (I'm allergic) (I know it's sad)

Not THAT sad. Coca cola has tons of sugar and it is highly processed. - AnonymousChick

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18 Die As Soon As Your Bucket List Completes.

Bucket list: 1 to infinity - stick Goran's dick everywhere inside me

19 Falcon Punched

I want Danny DeVito to falcon punch me all over - MentingBing

Bruh, that would hurt like hell. Like, you're getting punched in the gut by Captain Falcon and his sexy abs. - hiphopgod

Just imagine some guy comes up to you, and punches you so hard that you just fly off-screen. Awesome way to die.

Lol. How to do that? - pcn

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20 Night of 100 Red Bulls

Wow... Wow to have that much caffeine would be awesome and crazy at the same time - Norrisofchuck

What you do with all that caffeine is up to you.

I died from this and it's nice!

I don't know but that would be so kool laugh out loud

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21 Die from letting out too big of a fart

People actually died this way in ww2 because when their plane was shot air pressure decreased and their intestines expanded by 300 percent and would fart and die

Okay... getting on the silly side/ - Transformers234

(Two below this) the last word is spelled wrong

I do this every day

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22 Old age

Why isn't this first? This is the most natural way, because you don't die by a disease. - Userguy44

This should be number 1 - ElSherlock

Um.. why is this 22? It's by far the best way to go! - TopTenTed

Ah, you've had a good long life, you feel great. No one treats you like you're old, they know how awesome you are to be healthy at this age. No one is gonna say, "Poor woman, died early from Cancer. " Or "Well, his lungs weren't doing well at all, that must have been painful. "

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23 As a Hero

Because you don't want to live long enough to se yourself become the villain

You know who was a hero?

I will die as a hero and to make people think that if yo
u die for someone it worth it

24 Riding an atomic bomb as it plummets to earth and explodes

I want to die in a similar fashion but the atomic bomb is Danny DeVito. - MentingBing

Just how daddy went - MentingBing

Yes I like this one

This is the best one in my opinion.

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25 Pressing X

You know what a human looks like when they die x eyes

X means cancel so you canceled your life - Neonco31

Oh gosh

I... Don't get it.

26 Sacrifice for your love

It's so adorable sacrificing YOURSELF for love maybe I should to do that or be Juliet in romeo and Juliet

Greatest way to die, period.

I wil die for my love

27 Die With the One You Love

I would love this so I can go to heaven on the same day and the same time as my Middle School sweetheart.

That would be nice cause you would both be in heaven

It is what I would want if I was loved

We'll die together - Neonco31

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28 Watch the Sunset with Squidward

We stan a spongebob fan - wheelers-


Don't eat the pie! - ethanmeinster

A Spongebob reference - Neonco31

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29 After killing your worst enemy

I wish. I just dream of killing the people I hate.

Dislike this comment all you want. I wish I could kill my enemies. - AnonymousChick

Just because you don't like them, that's not a reason to kill them. What if they were gonna buy you tickets to a 21 pilots concert for forgiveness. That means gone forever, be kind.

It is the best way to die. Think that you have an enemy who is willing to kill you and you kill him before he kills you. Then you kill yourself to save your honour and not getting caught by the cops.

I would absolutely love to die after killing my worst enemy. Would be a good way get redemption if that enemy of mine kills somebody that I love.

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30 Complications from a severe thumb wrestling accident
31 Hit by lightning on a sunny day

Oh that will hurt! - Userguy44

God accidentally presses the lighting button

Knowing my luck... The lightning will miss me by half an inch but I'll fall into a manhole and drown in sewer.

The irony... Dave would be proud...

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32 Being Blended On "Will It Blend?"

Will it blend : @wheelers- (18+++ AGE RESTRICTED) - wheelers-

This would be an awesome way to die! Can't imagine anything better than getting thrown in a blender on my favourite show!

33 While having sex

I once saw two pidgeon dead while having sex.

Who would die like this? - Userguy44

Definitely. Marry a hot woman, get her pregnant and then her give me a lethal injection while climaxing.

Die with a smile on your face, ruins the mood for your partner however.

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34 Getting kicked in the nuts and flying so high that you freeze to death in space

That would be awesome. Your head would also explode and you would boil and freeze.
Pure Awesome

35 Raging Too Hard On Call of Duty Ghosts

Popping a blood vessel in your brain... Possible...

You take a knife and slit your throat after MLG players keep killing you - FerrariDude64

Killing yourself because of one camper... Nice - MaxPap

36 Used In a Commercial for Ginsu Knives
37 Drowning in the p****

Oh... - MaxPap

Yet another idiot died on the crapper

38 Wasting your life reading Top Ten Lists

Writing them isn't a waste

That's not a waste of life, also, I can picture myself dying while commenting good stuff about Halsey, or random stuff.

Well at least I know how, it's when what's bothering me. - Britgirl

Tell me about it

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39 After making out with hottest super model


Ok, that would be fine - hiphopgod

40 Smoking weed with Cheech and Chong

At least you can get nice and blazed before you take your last breath

There the best man!

This would be a good way to go.!.

Eating bum with trav bob and marmite

41 Watching a sun going hypernova while you are quite close to it

The sun won't go supernova because it's too small - Neonco31

The view will be spectacular! Not as sepctaculas as your inards flopping trough space

42 Gunfight with the Pope

Definitely how I want to go out

Lol. My bro did the death prediction thing once and it said on his virtual tombstone "shot by the Popes's bodyguards" - Rafterman

Pope is full of lies supplied by the government.

43 Getting licked to death by your dog

Fifi get off you silly hey wait sto----------

44 Eating too much paper

I don't want to choke in paper. - Userguy44

45 Die by Holding Your Own Heart

I don't know this is just accurate

Green Day reference - Neonco31

That would be so cool - AnonymousChick

rate it

46 While drinking Mountain Dew

Well I almost drowned from dew in my lungs.

Did you just assume my gender

I wanna do that - kylebuschfan18

I will be MLG while I'm dead - TheMinecraftGamer

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47 Dying of laughter

This can happen - ElSherlock

HAHAhahaa... *Chokes* - MaxPap

Duplicate - PokemonGOSucks


48 Kissing to death

Gross. Definitely not this one!

This is what almost happened to Finn and Flame Princess in adventure time...

Well I don't want an octopus kissing me because it's kinda painful. - TheComputerIsAlways10

49 Too much listening to Queen

Or Michael Jackson - AliciaMae

I think Queen the best.

Carry onnn.
But nothing really matters. - Dawscr

50 Drowning in sand

Painful. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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3. Jumping out of a 30,000 ft high plane or helicopter
1. Dying from pure 100 orgasmic joy from all your wildest sexual fantasies being brought to reality all at the same time, and then being reincarnated so you can play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer with Gorge Carlin
2. After finally getting a stack of diamonds
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