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21 Sacrifice for your love

It's so adorable sacrificing YOURSELF for love maybe I should to do that or be Juliet in romeo and Juliet

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22 Pressing X

You know what a human looks like when they die x eyes

X means cancel so you canceled your life - Neonco31

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23 Dying from Metal/Rock fever

yeah! that would be great!
- rock2metal

Definitely the way I wanna die - rocker1796

HELL YEAH! This is the way I want to go. Metallica, AC-DC, Led Zeppelin all at once - Rafterman

If I were to go out that's how I'd like it done

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24 Riding an atomic bomb as it plummets to earth and explodes

Who wouldn't want to ride an atomic bomb like Major King Kong did in Dr. Strangelove - jack2244

Just like in Dr. Strangelove. - egnomac

25 Die With the One You Love

I would love this so I can go to heaven on the same day and the same time as my Middle School sweetheart.

That would be nice cause you would both be in heaven

It is what I would want if I was loved

In my case, Goran Bregovic, I'm taking him with me :-) he'll be mine for the rest of eternity

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26 Die As Soon As Your Bucket List Completes.

Bucket list: 1 to infinity - stick Goran's dick everywhere inside me

27 Old age

Ah, you've had a good long life, you feel great. No one treats you like you're old, they know how awesome you are to be healthy at this age. No one is gonna say, "Poor woman, died early from Cancer. " Or "Well, his lungs weren't doing well at all, that must have been painful. "

Nah. I don't wanna live to the point where I can't walk, drive, or go to the bathroom by myself. I wanna die with some dignity - ryanrimmel

The natural way to go is the best one!

The most peaceful way to go

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28 After killing your worst enemy

I wish. I just dream of killing the people I hate.

Dislike this comment all you want. I wish I could kill my enemies. - AnonymousChick

It is the best way to die. Think that you have an enemy who is willing to kill you and you kill him before he kills you. Then you kill yourself to save your honour and not getting caught by the cops.

I would absolutely love to die after killing my worst enemy. Would be a good way get redemption if that enemy of mine kills somebody that I love.

This is the best way to die bun not after killing the worst enemy but after killing all of your enemies

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29 Watch the Sunset with Squidward

Don't eat the pie! - ethanmeinster

A Spongebob reference - Neonco31

Spongebob is getting too much hype now. Stop. - TeamRocket747


30 Hit by lightning on a sunny day

Knowing my luck... The lightning will miss me by half an inch but I'll fall into a manhole and drown in sewer.

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31 Being Blended On "Will It Blend?"

This would be an awesome way to die! Can't imagine anything better than getting thrown in a blender on my favourite show!

32 While having sex

Die with a smile on your face, ruins the mood for your partner however.

Would be gross way to die, but I wouldn't mind dying by having sex with my future wife.

This is inappropriate!

If shes hot - FerrariDude64

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33 Getting kicked in the nuts and flying so high that you freeze to death in space

That would be awesome. Your head would also explode and you would boil and freeze.
Pure Awesome

34 Raging Too Hard On Call of Duty Ghosts

Popping a blood vessel in your brain... Possible...

You take a knife and slit your throat after MLG players keep killing you - FerrariDude64

35 Drowning in the p****

Yet another idiot died on the crapper

36 Used In a Commercial for Ginsu Knives
37 Wasting your life reading Top Ten Lists

Writing them isn't a waste

Well at least I know how, it's when what's bothering me. - Britgirl

Tell me about it

Reading isn't either becuase than you know stuff - FerrariDude64

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38 Watching a sun going hypernova while you are quite close to it

The sun won't go supernova because it's too small - Neonco31

The view will be spectacular! Not as sepctaculas as your inards flopping trough space

39 Smoking weed with Cheech and Chong

At least you can get nice and blazed before you take your last breath

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40 After making out with hottest super model
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