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61 RKO'd by Randy Orton
62 Bullet to the head
63 Ebola

What, ebola is kinda painful at skin and insides - TheComputerIsAlways10

NO, Ebola is a very painful way to go!

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64 Exploding in space
65 Riding a nuclear missile into a volcano full of lava sharks, strapped down with dynamite listening to Queen live

I would love to die like that, awesome end man!

That's awesome definitely the way I Would go out

Make sure there are multiple nukes

Too complicated.

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66 Fainting your Pokemon in battle


Well, victini, mega mewtwo Y, shaymin, zekrom, primal kyogre and yveltal are dead so... Looks like I'm next... TELL MY FAMILY, KRISO, MY GIRLFRIEND AND MY OTHER FRIENDS I LOVE THEM - mathyfox441

67 Slitting your throat V 2 Comments
68 Sacrificing your life because it would be the only way the human race would live. V 2 Comments
69 Twerking in a dog suit with a bomb taped to your butt V 4 Comments
70 Death due to the surprise of winning a big lottery

Life is full of surprises, and it always will be.

Surprising can take life sometimes.

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71 Losing in a fight against a turtle with a chainsaw V 1 Comment
72 Looking at a list and seeing the best one

At Least you got loads of choices and opinions!

73 Being hit by a lightsaber

Plastic? Or laser beam action?

74 In somebody else's dream

Laugh out loud, so you get 2 deaths. Since you only died in a dream, but not in real life

It's basically just virtually dying, so it's a fun way, but you find yourself alive after you wakeup, unless if you die in your sleep after the dream.

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75 Drowning in sand
76 Getting run over by a slug V 2 Comments
77 Die After Giving an Epic Speech About Life On Your Deathbed to Your Closest Friends

That would be sweet. Unless if you have my friends

Me: And I just want to say that I have always had a crush on (random boy)
Me: And that I want my hamster to go with (friend)
All: Her? She's dumb! Give me the hamster! No, give me the hamster!
Me: and that I was killed by (sereal killer who is also friend)
All:, that person rocks
Me: I hate you all. *dies* - AnonymousChick

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78 Fighting a grizzly bear with a knife

You would props win

79 Gunfight with the Pope

Lol. My bro did the death prediction thing once and it said on his virtual tombstone "shot by the Popes's bodyguards" - Rafterman

Pope is full of lies supplied by the government.

80 Getting trapped under ice by Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield
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