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101 Spontaneous Combustion

Just randomly catching on fire

102 Death by Snoo Snoo
103 Urinating on an electric fence

That would be funny if it was low voltage

104 Seppuku

It was Japanese tradition for a reason, show honor while in death

105 Watching your favorite TV Show

Dying while watching you favourite character? What is better than that?

106 By overeating

:'( I think I'm busy doing that... My life sucks :'(

107 Stomped on by a Giant Animal
108 Eating too much paper
109 Complications from a severe thumb wrestling accident
110 When writing your obituary

It will never get published

111 Drinking poison after your mom tried to poison the neighbors after a dinner party V 2 Comments
112 Run over by a steam roller slowly, feet to head V 3 Comments
113 Die Falling into the Grand Canyon
114 Dropping 3 PS4s on your head

I won't have that amount of PS4's before dieing... - tent2

That's gotta hurt...bad!

115 Choking on jellybeans
116 Getting run over by a Lamborghini
117 Winning a new Corvette and accidentally driving over a mine field
118 Daryl Dixon's Crossbow

I would be proud to get killed by his arrow

I actually wouldn't mind this.

119 Eating chicken noodle soup

Yea because it's so hot it burns your tongue and swells it up

V 3 Comments
120 Doing Something You Love... the Reason You Are Here

The Wrestler comes to mind. What a great way to go. We had a person in town who did the fireworks for many, many years, and he ended up dying watching the fireworks that he created. Perfect!

Playing video games is my life, so if I die that way, I will have died in happiness, like I had a Grandfather die in 2010, I believe it was when he was doing his favorite thing to do, playing golf.

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