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121 By Reading Quran

More like living with someone WHO READS the Quran - PokemonGOSucks

Shit this one should be the most common after cancer

122 Overdose of LSD
123 Pointed stick
124 Pooing out your intestines

I think this is one of the symptoms of Ebola..

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125 Driving a Porsche too fast then crash and go into a burning fire ball!

Hi I'm ryan dunn and this is flaming car crash.

That happened to paul walker and ryan dunn

Paul walker! Ride or die!

126 Drink pills of every kind V 2 Comments
127 Stick tongue in light socket
128 Roy Punching You Softly In The Face
129 Bitten by Foxy the Pirate V 2 Comments
130 Died when listening Atlantic City - Springsteen
131 Ride a motorcycle into a giant popcorn bucket while eating KFC while wearing a plaid shirt

The best besides #3

132 Intestinal strangulation

Imagine getting your intestines ripped out then being choked with them. This one's my personal favorite.

133 Kamikaze

This is an easy way to help your country, and also a great way to die. - imacg4

134 Flying an airplane loaded with nuclear bombs into the downtown of a megalopolis

Extremely dangerous way to die, and act of terrorism. However, it's quick, and I rather die like that, rather than being strapped to an electric chair with no chance of escape, and being forced to listen Let it Go non-stop, until I die.

This would be considered nuclear terrorism

Best way without a doubt

135 Death by banter

Banter game too strong

136 By Taking 50 Pills Like Marilyn Monroe

This is how I'm going to kill myself! - Danteem

Not good, and Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. wasn't that far from doing, but he tried to commit suicide by swallowing a whopping 111 asprin pills! Yes that's right, 111 asprin pills!

137 Being forced to eat a hot girl's poop and getting eaten alive by her V 2 Comments
138 Eating yourself
139 Sinking On the Titanic
140 Shot by a .50 Cal

I agree if the shooter has a silencer, you will be dead in seconds. Quick and painless, that is how I would like to go - westofohio

Seems ridiculous, but it's actually a pretty quick way to go.

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