Top 10 Best Ways to Lose Weight

A list of easy ways to lose weight and keep it off.

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1 Get a Life

Keep yourself busy to avoid "boredom snacking". Do the household chores or small "fix-it" tasks. - Finch

If you choose the right activities, such as raking the leaves or cleaning windows, this too will help give you some exercise.

The more time you spend doing something other than eating, the less time you spend eating (thus, the less you eat) and the less you eat out of boredom or anxiety.

Try harder, or learn to accept yourself.

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2 Walk More

Not only will you save on gas, you'll get your exercise. Instead of driving, walk to the store, take the bus and get off a few stops early. Sweep the leaves and shovel the snow instead of using power tools. ALWAYS take the stairs. - Finch

When school started (back in september), I was in 197 pounds 5 foot 10!, and I been having 1 hour and 30 minutes of walking eachday at school, and I had school 5 times per week... And eversince until NOW 180 6 feet 1 - SmoothCriminal

3 Drink Water

most of your body is made up of water, water has 0 calories, and if you drink water 30 min before eating, yo'll eat less because you are hydrated. and being hydrated helps you becuz as the comment below me said... your bod gets confused between hunger and thirst. so drink up! - juanitahernandz12

Drink lots of water if you want to lose weight. Wait a sec... didn't a list on this site say there was such thing as diet water? - booklover1

Your body is often confused between hunger and thirst, so have a low calorie drink before you immediately eat food.

How is this 3 it should be 1 we can survivr with more water than food

4 Switch to Low-Cal

I switched to low cal and not only does it help you lose weight if you eat low cal stuff after the diet it will help keep the fat away
- tomboy3

It's the most simple way. If you like veggies you're in luck, because they are the lowest foods and best for you.

This is all true. Pills and surgery won't KEEP the fat away, at least not forever. This has definitely been put to a lot of thought.

It works on me. For a person that likes to eat, I chose to eat some low cal food and I had lose couple pounds so far. - elainelau161

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5 Add Food, Don't Subtract

Instead of taking away food from your diet, try adding healthy options like vegetables and whole grains. You'll be fuller after a meal and will be consuming fewer calories. Don't forget to add fruits to your desserts or breakfast cereals. - Finch

Contrary to smaller-portioned meals, you still get to eat as much, so you won't be hungry. And you'll lose weight!

6 Chew Gum

Sometimes you think you're hungry, but if you just chew a piece of flavored gum, that hunger goes away.

So true here. I chew gum every day now, and it helps me control hunger a lot. I always used to think I was hungry, but I wasn't, and I'd grab a piece of gum and I'd be all good.

I have noticed this actually works I feel slimmer just because I chew gum when I feel Hungry gum takes that hunger away -

Chewing gum is good if you think your hunge. But it can bring back a lot of calories.

7 Sweat
8 Use Smaller Portions

Put your food on a smaller plate, use small forks and spoons. You'll be eating less cereal if you use a smaller bowl. Much of eating is psychological- take the advantage back. - Finch

Plates made today are a lot bigger than they were decades ago. Just need to do the math.

You can easily make 2 meals out of most restaurant portions nowadays in the U.S.

Great it's cool less food! 😇

9 Swim

Swimming is a great way to burn calories and fat

10 Turn Off the T.V.

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11 Drink Diet Soda Instead of Regular Soda

Diet sodas actually way worse for you than the regular. You should buy regular soda if you like soda and just savor the taste and perhaps cut down on the it

Diet Soda has the EXACTLY same calories as Regular Soda, so avoid Diet Sodas too!

Any kind of soda is real bad for you. This shouldn't be on the list - Sabbath

Ok people tell me diet is worse but the problem with regular is you can taste the sugar and nothing else and with diet you don't get that so and look at the sugars in some drinks it scares me. The only drink I like that is not diet is coca-Cacloa life because is have natural flavors - lbelle0527

You know why they say that right? It gets called diet because of a lack of sugar but where it lacks real sugar they add artificial sweeteners that are worse for you. - Hiten

12 Eat Dinner Before 6:50

Studies show that if you wait three hours after you've eaten to go to bed, then you won't be as fat. You body burns away fat faster when your awake. - letdot52

Then that's under the assumption I sleep at... 9:50?! - keycha1n

13 Workout While You Watch

Make movement part of your evening routine. Dance to American Idol, do tricep dips and crunches to Survivor... - Finch

14 Skip a Meal Out

Don't eat out as often. Try bringing your lunch instead of going out for it. When you need to go out, try the healthier food choices. - Finch

Ok this is telling you to skip a meal and this is very unhealthy - lbelle0527

It says "Meal Out" as in stop going out to eat as much. Poorly worded to be honest. - Hiten

15 Get a Dog

They're like workout machines!

16 Do a Sport You Enjoy With Music

Nothing better. Remember and acknowledge : No Pain No Gain.

17 Stop Eating When You're Full

When food taste so good people sometimes don't care if they are full. They will still eat for the taste. It's a habit that isn't hard to quit - Sabbath

18 Don't Work Out

Switch to activities you enjoy such as hiking, biking, or walking, instead of "working out". Activities you enjoy are less scary than "exercising". - Finch

19 Be Patient

It's always easier to keep the weight off than to lose it. Once you see the scales drop, your motivation will increase and the job will be easier. - Finch

20 Cut Out Fried Foods

I am a big eater and that's the problem for many of us. We start off doing great but diets are hard. Finally I made the decision to simply cut out the fried stuff (other than maybe once a month) and always bake things instead. I didn't really change the amount of food I ate, just how I prepared it and over the course of a year I lost fifteen pounds and didn't even notice it. -


21 Share Portions

When you go out to eat, split a large meal between 2 people, same with desert, a pint of beer... - Finch

Great way to save money too

22 Go to the Gym

For shure the best idea!

23 Get Good Sleep

When we deprive ourselves of sleep, all sorts of things happen: we look for comfort from warm fatty foods, our judgment is affected and we don't stop eating when we should. But really, if you're sleeping, you can't be eating.

Sleeping is good for me because when I sleep my mouth stop chewing food

24 Take the Stairs

It works pretty good

25 Dance

Everyone says Zumba is the best, but it makes people feel and look ridiculous. Burlesque dancing is the best. It makes people look and feel sexy and it's great!

26 Avoid Alcohol

You be drunk

27 Ditch Video Games (Unless They're Physically Demanding)

Gee stop blaming everything on video games! You don't gotta ditch them to lose weight.

They can turn you into a couch potato even more effectively than T.V. because they're social now. Takes more willpower, but do it - your friends will respect you more.

28 Count Calories
29 Eat Bananas

Only 1 per day though! - PeeledBanana

30 Take Yacon Root Max
31 Diet
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