Best Ways to Prepare Chicken


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1 Fried

For a moment I thought this list said "Best Ways To Prepare Children" so this scared me a bit... - Rocko

You don't deserve to live if you don't try one of em'(comment directed to vegetarians) - 1029384756

well fried chicken is bad 4 you but sure is good!

My mouth waters... - Ananya

V 5 Comments

BarBQ baby! done on the grill with some yummy sweet-sticky sauce! Yummo! - beckihrh

Since chicken is my favorite dish, BBQ makes it more enjoyable. - raykar69

Tastes really good. - Userguy44

It's has that smoky taste, mm!

3 Curry

Curried or gravy chicken is simply awesome. Indians and Chinese people use to eat it.

Such an amazing list... - Ananya

Hell yeah. I crave it daily.

4 Baked
5 Teryaki
6 Butter Chicken
7 Garlic
8 Popcorn
9 Roasted

Oh my my... - Ananya

10 Nuggets

I love nuggets as well! - Ananya

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11 Sausage Sausage


12 Tenders
13 Broiled
14 Lemon

I have chicken at cheesecake factory
they drizzle lemon sauce on it
and they lightly fry it - sagadiablo

15 Honey
16 Sesame

I'm not chinese but thats sum good chicken!

17 Chicken Tikka
18 Rotisserie
19 Sauteed
20 Shake n Bake
21 Salad
22 Noodle Soup
23 General Tso
24 Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour
25 Stock
26 Sandwich
27 Waffles
28 Spicy
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1. Butter Chicken
2. Fried
3. Curry
1. Butter Chicken
2. BBQ
3. Roasted
1. Fried
2. Curry
3. Baked


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