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1 use condoms

Whoever wrote this is a genius!

Kids cost about 500 bucks a month. Can Geico save you that?

having a kid costs way too much money especially when they want motorcy/cars

Kids are expensive so this is a rather good point. - 51im_Ro55_2002

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2 stop smoking

Why would you spend your money on something that can kill you? Smoking is bad for you and it wastes money. - NiceFellow

Wastes money, wastes TIME, may kill you! Why would anyone want to smoke! It frustrates me so much - sryanbruen

Cigarettes are very expensive. Not only that, but they're very bad for you! Why use them? - letdot52

Yup, smoking is very addictive, and cigarettes are expensive, money down the drain. - funnyuser

Smoking can cause lung cancer.and waste precious time and money

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3 reduce your bills

Yes, I could have voted for "use condoms" but I'm not because that post is just stupid and a joke to begin with. Raising kids costs money, it's practically an investment in and of itself. The reason why I voted for "reduce your bills" is because that is the best way to save your money. Kids are something you can avoid if you want to and right now in America there is more of a problem with people that don't know how to spend money then people with unwanted children. Yes that may not be true for some people, yes kid are experience, and yes there is a reason to use condoms, but some people can just shut their freaking mouths and take their money more seriously. - masongilbert74

Paying Bills Is What Gives Me A Shiver At Times!

Everything Should Be Prepaid - For I Will Know How Deep I Can Go Rather Than Fallin And Figuring Ways To Get Outa There..

Ask your service providers if they have bundled services or unlisted discounts that you can use to save money. - Finch

Pay it down, make whatever it is your paying on last longer. Stop keeping up with the Jones's THEY ARE BROKE!

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4 work for yourself

Working for yourself will help you a lot, but you have to think about what kind of people you are, what attitude you have how motivated you are, how you are around others, not everyone who opens their own business are successful, the ones who are it's mostly based on their attitude and work style.

just know that through hardwork u will able to improve on income earned at the end of the day

I voted for this item because this what I have been doing for 3 months and it is working - mbwhitehead

Working for our self will improve our credit score and then we can use that for gifting ourselves. - FaaastCash

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5 do research

I saved a ground breaking $30 due to doing research. It may take a while, but in the end, it works. Amazon is the best!

6 reuse items

I use and wash disposable plates and cups I buy at supermarkets, at least two times before throwing them to the trash can. It helps to save money!

Don't throw it away just because you used it once. Many food containers only need a little washing out first. - Finch

okay, one thing you can do is make art out of some things that may seem like garbage and it's really fun!

Yeah! Today people are wasting a lot of things. We must reuse this items like water etc. - kormo

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7 don't impulse shop

It is wise to only go shopping when you have money in your pocket and after all bills are paid. Don't buy on impulse. It may sound like fun at the time but if you are like me and only get paid once a month, you will regret it very soon. - hardrockfanatic

Yes I agree. This is actually something thought about unlike what is number one on the list right now. Do not eat out every day because cooking is fun, healthier and cheaper. Also if you don't need something don't buy it that simple. - SoccerFan


Sales really drive this along - people often buy things they don't really need just because they're half price. No matter the price, if you don't need it don't buy it. - Entranced98

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8 put it in the bank

um... saving is the best way to "save" money. How is this the last option? And that question answers why American's over spend and under save. Do you have 3 months income saved for an emergency? Do you have money saved for a medical emergency? If not stop spending and save.

put in the bank is the best way to save the money cuz you save it and won't use it so the money is safe

Put in bank or bury it in safes under your house in a secret tunnel.

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9 stop drinking alcohol
10 walk or cycle instead of driving

Yeah! I LOVE cycling! - HezarioSeth

On the plus side it is fun, and you get fitter! - micahisthebest

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11 shop at Wal-Mart

Yeah! Even I buy same 5 product, Target costs over 20 bucks but Walmart costs less than 10 bucks!

There's no Wal-Mart in the Philippines.

12 internet selling

use craigslist to make some money off old items and buy new stuff for cheap - Finch

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13 cut back on the cell phone

Cell phone plans are an easy way to cut back. Most people have internet access at their home or office already, learn to go without it in between. - Finch

Why even use cellphons except for cases of emergency? - Tolza

Everyone is always making fun of Tracfone just because it is cheaper. Why don't you get it and see the difference of Tracfone and your old bill? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yr for Me I spend £30 a month

14 wear your clothes longer

Clothes server to shelter your body from the weather - and not wearing them at all has negative societal impacts, but there is no reason why the pants you bought last year that are now "out of style" can't be worn. How many shirts does a person need? - Finch

I'm not one to follow clothing trends. I just wear what fits the weather. - naFrovivuS

Don't follow the trend. As simple as that.

15 keep a jar and collect coins

It keeps you from being bank rob cause there not nobody that's going to go digging for money

I've been doing that for 10 years now. - naFrovivuS

16 do not donate

This is controversial one. Maybe if your rich you can donate, but think it wisely if you aren't. - micahisthebest

It's nice to donate once. But don't donate all. Your life matters too. - naFrovivuS

Hey, Every cent counts right? - Censorship

Thibk wisely. Don't give away money... - 51im_Ro55_2002

17 use coupons


18 invest in yourself

If you invest in yourself you will be making more money then you had. - 50500505

don't throw money away. Invest in what you do and save the rest. - Finch

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19 cut down your food costs

so many people go out and buy food they don't need I mean a lobster shouldn't be eatin everyday. a lot of canned goods or even home made is good and save the leftovers

Make restaurant meals at home, stay away from fast food. - Finch

don't spend money on fast foods and buy cheap food - jefet21

just try buying nutritious yet affordable... get it? - yuni

20 cut your cable

Cable T.V. wastes your time due to all the annoying commercials. Why subject yourself to that? Cable is not only a money waster - it's a life waster!

Do you really need 999 channels? Many network channels are free digital signals or, go TV free. - Finch

is true you don't need that many channels go to library for movies or books!

Free T. V is good. I don't have cable to save money. Free T. V is good enough for me. - NiceFellow

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1. stop smoking
2. reduce your bills
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