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21 do not go on dates

So your telling everybody here to stay single? Great advise. - Alpha101

Maybe once in a while, but not once a week. I normally spend date times at the park. - naFrovivuS

22 don't feed bad habits

especially gambling and drinking. - barrythemuslim

For example, smoking. In pounds, the average pack of cigarettes is about �4.50, and some people smoke two packs a day, so... �9 a day is �63 a week... �63 pound! If you have a child who likes video games (another thing that you should really cut down on, but just saying) and they moan because they don't have a new game, if you quit smoking you could get them a new game every week if you wanted to!

At �63 a week that makes (in a 4 week month) �252 a month, and with 12 months a year that's �3024 British Pounds... Think, what could you do with that extra three-thousand pounds a year... Help pay off bills so you live more comfortable? Whatever you decide it's a lot of money to be saving.

Just a bit more maths for you... In 10 years you will save �30240 a year, if you have been smoking for around that length of time 1. Your a health risk, but 2. You could of afforded to go to Disney World once every year! If you have kids and want a good life for them, cut out ...more -

23 shop at goodwill

We need to save money not like like a hobo ross -holister is good - speed

24 stay single

Don't purchase an expensive car...! Figure out your needs first and then think how much you have...! Try to cut down your payments

25 don't have children

If we all didn't, then the world will die

26 stop buying medicines

Finch please tell me you use medicine - speed

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27 don't buy cheap things
28 order water only

When eating out, opt for water instead of high profit margin beverages. You'll save a few bucks a meal which can amount to many hundreds of dollars over the year depending on how often you eat out. Plus, by cutting out all the empty calories in most drinks, you'll help out your waistline which can end up saving you much more money in the long run on doctor's bills, medications, personal trainers, insurance premiums, and so on.

29 stop eating meat

Either way you still have to buy the same amount of food... You need 2,200 calories a day, and whether your groceries consists of five bags of meat and five bags of vegetables, or just ten bags of vegetables, it all amounts to the same... - Flowersocks2137

30 DIY
31 Live in a hotel
32 Cut your landline phone
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1. use condoms
2. reuse items
3. stop smoking
1. work for yourself
2. reduce your bills
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1. stop smoking
2. reduce your bills
3. work for yourself

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