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21 I Like It

This song is SO CATCHY! The beat is amazing and forever will get stuck in your head. Why is this so low?!

22 Phoenix Hearts

Why is this song so low, the lyrics are incredible

Best song ever! Amazing, and Travis sound so good in it!

23 Kiss Me Last
24 Sleep With Me
25 I Feel Alive
26 Stone Walls

This song is so sad, but so incredibly touching. The music video along with the song is not only amazing, but it's PURE PERFECTION. I have no idea why this isn't in the top ten. Honestly.

Sad song, it is in the same league as Titanic's ship sinking violin scene song, hope that makes sense.

Gosh! it is so sad! And the music video! :'( - AnonymousChick

Should be number 1 undoubtedly

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27 Any Other Way

How is this song not higher up? Personally, it's my favourite We the Kings song.

I personally like the acoustic version more, it's such a sweet song

This is my favorite

28 Whoa
29 Promise the Stars

Why is this song so low? One of my favourites.

30 The Distance That Killed Us

This is a great song from we the kings, the lyric so touchy, it's the best

31 Don't Speak Liar

Listen to this song then vote again

32 What You Do to Me

The first We The Kings song I heard! Beautiful melody, catchy lyrics! Hey hey heyy!

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33 Party, Fun, Love & Radio
34 Find You There
35 See You In My Dreams

How is this song not on here? I've only heard the acoustic version and it's gorgeous

36 The Quiet
37 Spin
38 Over You
39 Stay Young
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