Best Weapons on Halo: Reach


The Top Ten

1 Sniper Rifle (System 99D-S2 Anti-Materiel)

No scope needed, it's hitscan dude

Be the camper you were born to be!

You can head shot elites

If you want to be that player in matchmaking that everybody wants to get, this is the weapon, its deadly and headshot one hit one kill

2 Energy Sword

Two words -- Running Riot

The Energy Sword is a lot stronger than the shotgun because its instantly a one hit kill. Also it does have more range because you can strike from a distance (like commando on Modern Warfare 2). Although it wastes quicker than the shotgun.

Energy sword is great for the assassinations in halo

The energy sword has style and class and is great for killing the flood. But I do think the gravity hammer is better for killing brutes and elites and hunters. But the energy sword works good on them too.

3 M90 CAWS Shotgun

While I don't think it is the best, it is the funnest. Nothing is greater than blasting away your buddies with one shot. Add the energy sword and zombies and the weapon becomes a outright classic weapon.

I was never able to kill elites with a sniper rifle (they are op in halo reach) but with a shotgun, I leave behind a trail of unburied corpses ( if I can find it in campaign, it’s kind of rare) :(

I know I can rely on my shotgun, it can do the job. When rushing my opponents, I shoot first once my shotgun is in range and finish them off with a melee

Even if you dash with the sword the sword the shotgun can still hit you with one shot and YOU ARE DEAD

4 Gravity Hammer

I just love this weapon becouse it is far distances

I think that the Gravity Hammer is the best weapon there is because its a one hit kill that's why I think this weapon is my favorite and the best

I think that the gravity hammer is the best melee weapon because it can hit or kill multiple players or aliens around the player if they are closes by about to attack them

My favorite thing about fire fight is the climatic battle at the end when you have a gravity hammer and face off against brute chieftains

5 M41 Rocket Launcher

When you have one rocket left, give it to one of the marines (If you have any) in your vehicle. Lol So Cancer I have gotten about 4 on a scorpion.

I love this weapon! If I could give myself unlimited ammo on campaign, invincibility, and give myself weapons, I would get this and the shotgun. BEAST MODE!

This thing can kill a hunter in two shots it is amazing

I love this weapon as well I hope it replaces RPG 7. They should call it the double barrel bazooka

6 M392 Designated Marksman Rifle

It's the best weapon out of the unsc and halo

Noob Combo anybody? Also it is in a tie for medium range combat. I like the M6G pistol or DMR for medium range

The Marksman is amazing. It destroys at close range, and the scope makes an effective weapon for sniping. It makes Covenants wet their little alien pants.

The DMR was the scapegoat of all Halo weapons. Many people criticized the weapon for replacing the Battle Rifle and SMG. Nevertheless, the DMR became a personal favorite weapon for many players, and it is one of my favorite. Efficient and gets the job done, always aim at the head. - Canuck101

7 Needler

whats more fun the impaling your enemies with 20 needles and watching them go boom

Amazing gun that follows players and causes an explosion who couldn't love it at close-mid range I choose this over anything

I destroy enemies with this baby. It's marvelous. Just uh couple rounds to a grunt and BOOM.

Have fun going to the doctors, I heard they use this as an alternative

8 Fuel Rod Cannon

Lit gun
Will one shot all enemies
Best with jet pack
Will kill elites
Just fun to go on a killing spree with a bottomless clip

Best ever rapid fire radius damage one hit kill

What weapon is this I can't find it?

Because funk is on a roll

9 Grenade Launcher

Gotta love doing dickbounces

No worst wepon ever

I'll be playing on halo slayer with some friends, and ill get this, an energy sword, and sit in a corner with a ________ (whatever weapon my friends are addicted to) and turn on active cammo than out of no were BOOM! Bye bye noobs!

10 Concussion Rifle

Powerful, exsosive, large clipped, and just generally fun when you send enmities flying

The Contenders

11 Focus Rifle

Very fun weapon, which ironically is better in close range than in long range.

If your playing halo you can just put it on bottomless clip and you have an infinite laser

Really fun to use, and is hilarious when you actually get a kill

I'm amazing with this gun

12 DMR

That gun helped me online I got through every body I come across.!

DMR is my very favorite weapon in the entire game! $$$

This beast destroyed everyone I came across

That is so right dude. $$$

13 MA37 ICWS Assault Rifle

Where's the love for this one? It's quite versatile at close range as well as far range with short bursts. Personally, this gun is the one I will always choose over anything.

The dmr is good for me at close range as well as long range.

Where's the love? This gun is very versatile and effective. The dmr is good, but at close range, you get rekt.

Sure, you can just chuck this away when you find another weapon, because lets be honest, who is going to fight someone with this? Not really anyone. which is why you should use it. people don't expect it to be used to actually kill people. I practiced with the thing and can kill people with under a clip.

14 Needle Rifle

It's like a sniper/dmr/needler thing... You can use it at long range or close range.

Amazing weapon

Really good weapon this should be in the top 10 although its tought to aim after a couple of shots its really strong and also has a super combine explosion like the needler. If you thought a needler was over powered try one with a 2x scope.

Rly good

15 Spartan Laser

Anything one shot yes not a good ammunition store but I mean come on

Why is this so low? It can blow anything with 1 shot

Best weapon for vehicles by far

Too Op

16 Type-25 Carbine

It is boss and the nifes on it are sick I use it all the time

17 Target Locator

One word, boom!

Should be 3rd or 4th. I mean, it blows things up, it has more ammo than a rocket launcher/grenade launcher, and it makes a much bigger explosion for much more damage! Fun, right?

Best weapon to be newly introduced, and it brings you power over a WHOLE UNSC FRIGATE! Ultimate power over phantoms, Slaughters banshees and DESOLATES WRAITHS. And yes, once you choose a red-cursored enemy, it homes onto it, and destroys absolutely ANYTHING.

18 Plasma Launcher

Yea this a cool gun it shots four plasma grenades at a time

1 hit falcon enough said...

19 Plasma Pistol

It has the best focus ever and can kill anything in 30 shots and less mostly 1 shot

Plasma pistol is too fun.

20 Mark 2488 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (Onager)

It destroys that Cruiser just by hitting it in the gun. It's like a smaller version of a MAC. And, finally, it's the closest you get to a MAC. Oh yeah, and just one memorable quote comes from it- I need a weapon.

It was fun but I think it word be better classified as a vehicle than a weapon

I wish there were a portable assault rifle version with unlimited ammo. You could bring it through the whole game. On the first level, you would get it and carry it as a third weapon. One shotkill and you could get on the Savhanna and just pow. Jorge lives, you don't die, and you are OP. And don't hate me for this comment.

This should be number one I think it's the awesomness gun ever

21 Plasma Turret

Dude I am sure this should be number 1 because I used it to kill 2 people at once.

22 7 Wood

It's the human gravity hammer, same abilities, way more fun though!

23 Machine Gun Turret

Because destroying people beats sniping every day.

24 M247 Heavy Machine Gun

If the enemies are not in tanks they will be swiss cheese.

How did this not make the list?!? This beast has infinite ammo on turret mode ( tripod) and has c4 ammo which can shred people if automatic

25 Plasma Rifle

Try it, it can shred a solo target, don't try it on a group though. Leave that to the grenades.

26 Golf Club
27 Shotgun

It’s really fun

28 M6G PDWS Magnum

This marvel of a weapon NEEDS to get higher on the list. She hauls ass and can KO opponents when your primary is empty. She's usable in all three spectrums of range, though far long is her weakest area.
And in Anniversary Slayer, it's a 3HKO on everyone. It's death in a gun. It's:
The Halo 1 Pistol!

29 Plasma Repeater

This gun is Mah Waifu. She absolutely shreds opponents at close range, and can be heated to improve accuracy if need be. Truly an underrated rifle, give her a shot!

30 Frag Grenade

Because I'm A BEAST

31 Plasma Grenade

You can cover any enemy with it and.. BOOM

Because I'm a sticky beast

32 Hyperion Missile
33 Gauss Cannon

Awesome gun

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