Best Weapons to Have In a Zombie Apocalypse


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21 Flamethrower

Also effective on vampires.

22 Crowbar
23 Hatchet

A large hatchet around 20 inches provides just as much lethality as an axe, but has much more agility and maneuverability. It can also be used more easily in close quarters.

24 Frying Pan
25 Garden Fork
26 Bazooka
27 Sabre
28 Cutlass
29 Sledgehammer
30 Molotov Cocktail
31 Shiv

Easy to get but best used in a worst case scenario.

32 Light Saber

This weapon has the advantage of being infinitely powered, so you don't need to find ammo, risking your life. It is compact as well, and since you're going against zombies, you don't need jedi skills and coordination to use it. It also cuts through zombies like butter, and doubles as an easy way to get through doors.

33 Laser Rifle
34 Spear

Can be thrown, you can stab with it or slash if you have a naginata or a thick bladed spear, could use to string up shelter if your desperate, can also take down deer and boars if need be

35 Bombs

Takes out tons of zombies at a time. Very affective. Here's a tip well I'm here to. If you go over a mine field, use a hovercraft. It can even go over the most sensitive mines. Got it from myth busters. True story.

36 Torch

Any long piece of wood set alight will burn zombies to ash. - Dale

37 Fighter Jet

You can escape easily. It shoots bombs.
It shootes ammo. Zombies won't be able to break it.

38 Machine Gun V 1 Comment
39 Golf Club

Very strong with solid metal ends..

V 1 Comment
40 Ray Gun
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