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1 Master Sword: Zelda

It gives you the ability to travel through time and repel evil!

The Master Sword is the best.

It is the master of not just all swords, but all weapons too.

Master sword repels evil meaning its comming - winfreyb

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2 Gravity Gun: Half Life 2

It's not just a weapon, it's tool designed to assist it's user in lifting and pushing objects that are too big and heavy to move with your bare-hands. And you can use that object as a projectile that can mow down enemies.

The design of this gun is really cool, the function of this gun is more than one, and at the end, you use this to kill every single you came across, Gravity-gun such a masterpiece weapon from masterpiece game

COOLEST GUN EVER! I mean come on, it makes pretty much ANYTHING ammo. Best thing ever: saw blades and explosive tanks... - Kazzong

Use it to shoot random stuff into the enemy's face, IN THE FACE!

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3 BFG: Doom

Big gun

BFG = Big Friendly Giant, everyone knows that even if they haven't read the book. Dahl should have sued this upstart game.

Just the name. You can't beat that. Everyone knows what it is. - usmc650736

Best weapon EVER. The gravity gun can't take out entire waves of enemies in 1 blast! A

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4 Portal Gun - Portal 2

Why kill your enemys when you can have them kill themselves?

Swords can only swing. Guns can only shoot. But the Portal Gun... has endless possibilities.

5 Thompson 1928: Mafia II

One of the most famous automatic firearms on the planet.

Bring this bad boy into battle and the enemy doesn't stand a chance. Link would get shot instantly. This killing machine is more lethal than that glorified kitchen knife Link carried

45 calibre, 50 round drum magazines and a rate of fire at 600 rounds per minute. So why the Hell is some small master-steak knife beating this big bad boy?

Uses 50 round drum mags, and can hold up to 150 rounds on reserve, there's plenty of ammo, and this gun is a true icon.

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6 Energy Sword: Halo

Whatever it comes down to, this weapon is just badass. Bringing that out and walking into the fight is just awesome.

7 Sky-Hook: BioShock Infinite

Head.torso, neck, nothing can survive its attack. - GREYBOYY

8 Spartan Laser: Halo

Only enough charge for 2 shots but almost always a one hit kill on big enemies and vehicles.

9 Cerebral Bore: Turok

A drill that is shot out and burrows into there skull! Enough said

10 Keyblade: Kingdom Hearts

Useless when there's bullets flying around.

sora get the keyblade, oh wait, you don't have to because it magically appears when you need it because it is AWESOME

The keyblade is the most kickass weapon! It can destroy OR save the world! How is that not deserving of number1!?

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11 Gravity Hammer: Halo
12 AK47: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
13 Blades of Chaos: God of War

It can disperse with hordes of enemies with a few swings

Is the best

14 Rocket Launcher: Halo
15 Dubstep Gun - Saints Row 4

Wub Wub Wub Wub Wub. This gun is going to destroy you with its wubs and Explosions! - Aguythatpeopleignores

16 Chicago Typewriter: Resident Evil 4
17 Beam Katana: No More Heroes
18 Celestial Brush: Okami
19 M1A1 Thompson: Call of Duty Big Red One
20 Incineration Cannon: Halo 4
21 Portal Gun - Portal
22 Soul Edge: Soulcalibur

Giant eyeball? Check.
Fleshy appearance? Check.
Awesome armor? HECKIN' CHECK! - Baconshark

23 Meteor Strike: Destroy All Humans 2
24 MP40: Call of Duty Big Red One
25 Lightsaber: Star Wars Battlefront 2

really awesome! but what about the sword of
legends in world of warcraft and the minigun
in gta-san andreas

Has its weakness's but it's still a very effective weapon.

26 DMR: Halo: Reach

The DMR is a wicked gun! - EliHbk

27 Heavy's Minigun - Team Fortress 2
28 M16: Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts
29 BAR: Call of Duty Big Red One
30 Pandora: Devil May Cry 4

If we can access all 666 weapon forms, this would probably place Pandora near or at first place.

Its a briefcase that turns into mass weapons!

31 Plasma Beam: Metroid
32 Red Shell - Mario Kart

There are better Mario weapons but this one actually tracks you down and can kill you in one shot - Unnamed Google User Remade

33 Lap Top Gun: Perfect Dark
34 MP44: Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts
35 Golden Gun: Goldeneye 64
36 Metal Gear REX: Metal Gear Solid

Badass-looking gigantic nuclear weapon, who doesn't love that?

37 Experimental MIRV: Fallout 3

It’s number 40 this thing can cause a small nuke to explode 8 mini nukes godammit 8 it’s can kill a small group of people and turn them to dust god

38 RYNO V: Ratchet And Clank Future

Mini Gun with Rockets shooting out of it with large ammo capacity and huge spread and range, firing in tune with 1812 Overture and shoots so fast that the ammo can drain within a few minutes. Should be at least around the BFG.

1,500-6,000 shots
Plays the 1812 overture
In short, OP

39 Chain Saw: Gears of War
40 Hydra Shotgun: Resident Evil
41 Moisin Nagant: Call of Duty Finest Hour
42 Fat Man: Fallout Series
43 Battle Rifle: Halo 3
44 Shotgun - Doom
45 Bazooka: Worms
46 Ice Beam: Metroid
47 MP40: The Saboteur

The Mastersword? Really? To Sean Devlin the mastersword is a just a mere toothpick. The MP40 is a 32 rounds a clip killer.

48 SCAR: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
49 Soul Reaver: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
50 Dual Pistols: Tomb Raider
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1. BFG: Doom
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3. Gravity Hammer: Halo
1. AK47: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
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