Top 10 Best Video Game Weapons

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1 Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda)

To the likes of John Marston, Cole Phelps, Vito Scaletta and Sean Devlin, the mastersword is only really usefull to carve roast chickens or roast Turkeys.

And it works to non evil person too! As seen on possessed princess Zelda fights in many games.

It gives you the ability to travel through time and repel evil!

This is just a glorified steak knife compared to the ammount of firepower on this list.

2 BFG (Doom)

BFG = Big Friendly Giant, everyone knows that even if they haven't read the book. Dahl should have sued this upstart game.

Best weapon EVER. The gravity gun can't take out entire waves of enemies in 1 blast! A

Just the name. You can't beat that. Everyone knows what it is.

Big gun

3 Gravity Gun (Half Life 2)

It's not just a weapon, it's tool designed to assist it's user in lifting and pushing objects that are too big and heavy to move with your bare-hands. And you can use that object as a projectile that can mow down enemies.

IT's awesome but I like the super gravity gun ( the blue one) better. with that, killing people has never been easier!

Use it to shoot random stuff into the enemy's face, IN THE FACE!

I know your supposed to get thigs and throw them, but coudnt you just hurl someone into the atmosphere instead?

4 Thompson 1928 (Mafia II)

Bring this bad boy into battle and the enemy doesn't stand a chance. Link would get shot instantly. This killing machine is more lethal than that glorified kitchen knife Link carried

Oh please a small gloryfied kitchen knife is beating out this beefy bad boy of a SMG? What have you voters been smoking recently? Link would get mowed down instantly by this gun.

Why would anyone chose some kitchen knife mastersword over this 50 round a mag killer? Link would get shot instantly by the Thompson 1928 SMG

Uses 50 round drum mags, and can hold up to 150 rounds on reserve, there's plenty of ammo, and this gun is a true icon.

5 Energy Sword (Halo)

Whatever it comes down to, this weapon is just badass. Bringing that out and walking into the fight is just awesome.

Definitely the most iconic weapon in video games, also one of the most powerful( if you can get close enough).

6 Portal Gun (Portal 2)

you could just shoot a portal above a pit of lava or in some spikes and shoot a portal under the legs of an opponent and they would fall in the lava.

Swords can only swing. Guns can only shoot. But the Portal Gun... has endless possibilities.

Why kill your enemys when you can have them kill themselves?

7 AK47 (Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare)
8 Blades of Chaos (God of War)

It can disperse with hordes of enemies with a few swings

9 Cerebral Bore (Turok)

A drill that is shot out and burrows into there skull! Enough said

10 Spartan Laser (Halo)

Only enough charge for 2 shots but almost always a one hit kill on big enemies and vehicles.

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11 MP40 (The Saboteur)

The Mastersword? Really? To Sean Devlin the mastersword is a just a mere toothpick. The MP40 is a 32 rounds a clip killer.

12 Gravity Hammer (Halo)
13 M3 Grease Gun (Conflict Vietnam)
14 Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

The keyblade is the most kickass weapon! It can destroy OR save the world! How is that not deserving of number1!?

Useless when there's bullets flying around.

you could lock people in an alterntae dimension

sora get the keyblade, oh wait, you don't have to because it magically appears when you need it because it is AWESOME

15 Hidden Blade (Assassin's Creed)

It should be at number 1

16 Rocket Launcher (Halo)
17 Portal Gun (Portal)

hmm I I shot a portal at some lava earlier, now I think ill shoot one at the feet of someone else, oh wait oops I killed them

18 Sky-Hook (BioShock Infinite)

Head.torso, neck, nothing can survive its attack.

19 M1A1 Thompson (Call of Duty Big Red One)
20 M4A1 (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3)
21 Celestial Brush (Okami)
22 Dubstep Gun (Saints Row 4)

Wub Wub Wub Wub Wub. This gun is going to destroy you with its wubs and Explosions!

23 Chicago Typewriter (Resident Evil 4)
24 The Lancer (Gears of War Series)
25 B.A.R (L.A. Noire)
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