Inspecting Long Lists #3 IGN's ''Top 100 Video Game Weapons'' Part II

htoutlaws2012 Welcome back to the countdown! Let's continue with #50.

#50 Hidden Blade: hmm... not sure if its really a weapons, but it qualifies more so than a pokeball.

#49 Impact Hammer: No! This gun is broken, even when I have to charge and aim up close. While you can get a one shot kill. I would not take a chance and get killed at that moment by charging with no gameplan.

#48 Foam Finger: Never played, but it just looks like a light that kills okay.

#47 Stake Gun: Literally the best rail gun ever in gaming history. No aim needed they die in one hit.

#46 Mr. Toots: One of the most powerful, yet strangest weapons of all time.

#45 FarSight: You can shoot from walls with this, ans the enemy won't know until getting shot. Deadly Stealthy indeed.

#44 Hammer: A generic hammer beats everything to this point, if it was the gravity hammar I wouldn't have problems, but the one in Donkey Kong no less.

#43 P.R.L 412: Its kinda like the BFG, but not as powerful. You may take at best two from certain amount of the undead in Resident Evil 4.

#42 Shrink Ray: Once hit and shrunken, its all but over STOMP!

#41 Flak Cannon: I would not say 41, but its definitely the top tier of the unreal weapons.

#40 Energy Sword: You could literally fly in the air with this sword its almost god-like in a fun unique way.

#39 Wabbajack: Also known as a magic wand that kills, transforms etc.

#38 Vector Cannon: Okay think Double ZZ, but a more ineffective cannon. It's good, but it doesn't take the whole swarm. You may half to try a few times in order to eliminate them all. To me it should be in the lower portion of the list.

#37 VC5 Arc Rifle: VC5, how about the Lightning rifle. It shoots shock I mean... right?

#36 Topsy Turvy Bomb: You literally control the gravity with this. Swarm of enemies shoot you, while in fate of doom, pull out that bomb, and it is super efficient. Hold on long enough, and there all dead.

#35 Golden Gun: Only Thirty Five? The gun that defined a fun aspect of Goldeneye in general. Once you get it your in heaven with the rest of this game.

#34 Plasma Cutter: You can kill creatures one limb at a time.

#33 Mega Buster: Why does it look like the default weapon unless i'm seeing things.

#32 Dagger of Time: It looks like twin daggers, and not that great really.

#31 Vampire Killer: How just call it the generic whip, that's all it is. Granted it is good to use just to get past enemies, but the name itself kind of isn't what it seems to be.

#30 Celestial Brush: This brush can just ''DELETE'' enemies from attempting to stop you

#29 Land Shark Gun: Talk a weapon that could make for a scary Jaws sequel this is it.

#28 Atomizer: Connects once you hit one enemy, then joints to multiple enemies taking damage. I don't think its 28 worthy though.

#27 Flail Gun: One hit, and its stuck for the rest of the life span. DETONATE!

#26 Particle Cannon: A Disintegrated firework going off quite the gun.

#25 Plasmids: Near the end of Bioshock you start to become more immortal after taking a short of this. It unleashes all over Frank Fontaine epic.

#24 Blaster Launcher: What exactly am I looking at? Its used, but for what purpose. No enemies appear to be seen so what gives.

#23 Overwatch Pulse Rifle: Literally the key to how awesome Half-Life 2 is as a whole being the weapon of total carnage.

#22 Redeemer: This weapon can be used greatly if no suicidal shots are made, that being said it can wipe out not only the whole team, but also the vehicles as well. Unreal's answer to the BFG if anything.

#21 Beam Katana: That beam is totally awesome in no more heroes. The satisfying thirst of blood while hack n slashing your way through multiple enemies.

#20 Hyper Beam: The only time it comes in handy is when you face that one boss, and just sit there until its down for the count.

#19 Planet Buster: Self Explanatory, Destroys a planet.

#18 Hair: No seriously actual hair, that hair has extreme condition to be that powerful.

#17 Spreader: It's good, but its gets tough towards the end with damage inflicted on the harder bosses.

#16 TMD: Never played so no idea.

#15 The Apple Of Eden: This apple has mystical powers of controlling enemies that can kill each other in assassin's Creed well fair enough.

#14 Metal Gear Rex: Definitely a mass of destruction once you know how to use it, should be a bit tad lower.

#13 M920 Cain: One big charge and kaboom! Bigger enemies are quickly eliminated.

#12 Tanegashima: One shot and you summon a tornado to kill enemies, this works if there not too far away from distance in MGS 4. A game i'm not all high on, but this is about the weapon though.

#11 Euclid's C-Finder: Also known as ''calling from above satellite FIRE!''

#10 Lancer: Basically a cooler looking and also effective chainsaw in Gears of War.

#9 RYNO V: Literally you could fire 100 missiles out of that huge launcher like gun.

#8 Soul Reaver: Combine the protagonist and the antagonist of the games power of weapon creates the Soul Reaver. This only happens when they must beat a god creature near the end of there final game in the series.

#7 MIRV: Although it was good I prefer the Fat man weapon of the game over the MIRV.

#6 Pandora: Basically the Pandora's box of doom done right in a video game.

#5 Gravity Gun: Attracts object, and also kills needless to say one of the most popular weapons in gaming history.

#4 Blades of Chaos: No this is not the definitive blade from god of war, there are better ones then this.

#3 Cerebral Bore: Easily one of the greatest weapons ever, one shot and its like a plague when located near the head.

#2 BFG 9000: Ladies and gentleman to me without question this is the gun you want in an FPS. The fact its not #1 is more shocking.

#1 The Master Sword: Its good, but come on #1 no.

Here are just a few weapons I felt should of made this list.

The Eclipse Scythe From Ninja Gaiden 3
Bullseye from Resistance Fall of Men
Tommy Gun From Timesplitters 2
Fireball from Super Mario Bros.
Gjallahorn from Destiny
Fat Man from Fallout 3
Pimp Bombs from Duke Nukem 3D
The Double Flamethrower from Gunstar Heroes
Ray Gun from Call of Duty Blackops
The Sledgehammer From Red Faction: Guerilla

There are endless great weapons, some debatable, some are not very great as others in the same series, but depending on preference we have our share of likes and dislikes in video game weapons.

That is for this list, see you next time.


The Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles should be here. - LarrytheFairy