There is no best browser

When it comes to these web browsers, everyone always complains which one is the best. Many people use Google Chrome because its popular, or Mozilla Firefox because its fast. Some prefer the old-fashioned Internet Explorer over the new Microsoft Edge. But today, I'm here to tell you that there are no best browsers.

Each browser has its different strengths. Firefox may be the most customizable, but it doesn't have the speed dial of Opera, or the Chrome-Cast of Chrome. Apple's Safari can let you share posts to facebook quickly, but it doesn't have a bookmarks bar, and the other browsers can do that with extensions.

Really what makes a browser good is based on three things.

1. How Frequently it updates - A browser that updates a lot is likely to get better, while Internet Explorer will always fall behind. If you want one that updates frequently, choose Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

2. The Extensions it has - Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have a large variety of extensions to make the browser even better, while Microsoft Edge is working on supporting them.

3. The Look and Feel - Chrome has a simple interface, and so does Opera, but Firefox can be customized a lot to make it look better. Internet Explorer isn't half bad, and neither is Microsoft Edge or the unknown Maxthon.

Firefox may be the fastest browser, but Opera and Chrome aren't behind by that much, and no browser gets the advantage. It really depends on your connection, and your PC. Therefore, Speed doesn't really matter when it comes to web browsers, and people shouldn't really worry about which one is the fastest.

Opera does have a good minimal interface, which looks exactly like the way it should be and it also has a speed dial. Guess what? Extensions can be added on Chrome and Firefox to do all that stuff, but too many can slow down your computer, and your browser.

Also, each browser has its own unique features, that the rest do not have.

Opera has a feature that can speed up slow connections, but the "Click to run Flash" thing on each page can be a little annoying. Firefox does let you completely customize your interface, but its nearly unusable because of the stupid add-ons. Chrome does have a built-in PDF viewer and flash player, but it takes a long time to load up pages.

So really, while it is tough to pick a winner, and I mean impossible, I suggest you try them all out for a while and see which one you enjoy best. If you are new to this or have trouble deciding which one you like the most, then I suggest you go with the most popular browser at the time you are currently reading this, which is probably Google Chrome, but it could be Opera, you never know.