Google Chrome


Googe Chrome, especially the Beta version, is the one that I would rely my security of my family's pattern of internet use. I like this for the safety, security, quickness, and also the fact that it does not lag, unlike any other browser I have ever used. Also, it is a product of Google, which means you can use more of the features that Google has so I give my thumbs up to Google Chrome.

I very very like Google chrome because its not hassle to use and it's so fast, no delays and... Its very very safe to use because it don't have any viruses and very fast just like the fastest animal in the world

Chrome is the king. It defeats all other browsers. Fast, efficient, and easy to use, Google Chrome is the best browser I've ever used. It's easy to open and close tabs (or easy to use in general), and doesn't have large toolbars that take up half of the screen. My favorite thing about Google Chrome is the simplicity.

I've tried Firefox and I found that there were a lot more problems than Google Chrome. I think it is the best that I have tried yet and I would recommend it. It is easy to access Gmail and if you want to search, it is just a click of a button.

I love how you can log into your browser with your Google account and all your passwords and bookmarks are saved an available. This means I can do something on my home computer which is replicated or at least readily available (like a username) on a website on my work computer. Makes things simpler and easier for the user. Also the quickest way to run a Google search on something. Just Ctrl+t and start typing then Enter

Faster than all the others, more secure than all the others, more reliable than all the others; and in general the best web browser out there. It lets you sync with your Google account and bookmarks easily, as well as having other functions such as a massive range of themes, plugins and many more things. I could go on all day about how good it is.

Its pretty user friendly and I find it to be pretty safe and secure too. Its very convenient to use and there are lots of other things also. So all in all its way better than anything else! I tried safari and firefox but nothing can beat Google Chrome!

It is reasonably good if you don't browse much but for someone who needs a fully functional browser it's not the best. However, it still deserves a position in the top ten because its obvious that it is satisfactory for some people considering how many people use Google chrome as their browser

I simply like the simplicity of their browser and how quick it searches, the Google store is filled with reliable apps that enhance all areas of internet, automatic updates, and some really cool Google history and a good variety of small programmers using the logo to express a variety of ideas. Google is one step beyond the competition.

Used firefox for years, I was sceptical about any other browser, this is by far the best one. The speed, it never crashes, Firefox eats your memory and makes the whole machine slow as hell, even if you have a small amount of tabs open. The only downside of Chrome is the lack of Java on Chrome for mac.

The best in the world cannot be CM Punk but chrome because it's a chrome and its awesome. People hating this are nothing but lunatic baboons who neither ever had a choice and nor will develop one.

The recently web browser that I used is Safari 5, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, and of course Internet Explorer. All of them was good especially Safari. But nothing beats Google Chrome, it deserves the best web browser

All users use this browser because it is the best browser. - subhashsahu

When Google chrome was released I installed it immediately. Even before the chrome era, I always had problems with other browsers which I wished to be solved. All these problems were solved by Google chrome. It's fast, neat, easy to navigate, every option is in order... A true browser.

It crashes every day. I often have five to six tabs and it freezes up all the time. It gives you a message for options to check into and find the problem, but I do not believe I should have to guess what is wrong. It should tell me it's conflict not possibilities.

I have used chrome since its beginning and it has never failed me. The only thing I have against it is its huge memory usage. I used chrome on my old laptop, but now that I have a better computer I can use Google chrome.

This web browser is the safest web browser I ever used. "Will you allow Google to know your location? " HECK YEAH! And I had a super important homework project where I needed all the facts and information online. I got 100% because I got all the facts correct. And I used google.

Yeah Google is really number one alright but I don't think so cause it should not be number one Google Chrome doesn't work perfect it has a annoying backwards circle that gets on everybody's nerves and is too slow. I don't think it should be number one not good enough

Good this is how even my list would look but I will never put safari because it sucks badly. In safari do you know how difficult it is to open a new tab. This would be my top 3

1. ) Google chrome
2. ) Mozilla Firefox
3. ) Internet explorer

OH how I love you Google. You've helped me in many research papers, and math problems that I didn't understand how to do! And now, yes, you've made me love you more with the power of your super fast web browser.

The best browser in the world and will remain the best...

It has the best extensions ever...

It has the number 1 web applications store...

The fastest searching...

The high class beta version...

The best best best browser...

It's great because it's fast and easy to use, especially when you need to look up the odd query. Officially the fastest browser in the world at the moment. There is a great download manager and is also very safe.

Google chrome is the best browser! It is fast, accurate and reliable.It is easy to search data and to download.There is a scope for improvement in the new tab opening system.No one can beat Chrome in it's accuracy and speed.Thumbs Up!

My Chrome crashed and despite numerous attempts, cleaning, clearing, running lots of anti virus, anti malware, etc and research, reloads I cannot get any reload that works. Cannot express my disappointment and I see lots of people with same complaint.

Google Chrome is a secure and really fast browser. I use it as I want to to find much information about many stuff and, usually, have fun by myself, when I have nothing else to do. As far as I 'm concerned, everyone should give it a try!