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Firefox is just so simple, no weird and confusing features. Firefox is just so fast, you can Google search 0.02 seconds faster than Google Chrome. Firefox is just so smooth, it's pop-up blocking system makes everything real non-stressful. Firefox is just so perfect! - Miniman1676

I used firefox for 2-3 years and was satisfied with it until I returned home from a 4 day trip and left power to the PC computer turned off. Everything cranked up as normal until I went to enable Firefox, it had evidently crashed because when it came up there was a screwed up screen. It had turned a darker color and wide slanted lines or bars were diagonally across it and would not accept anything more than the screwed up screen.

What I tried to mean here is that chrome doesn't have the performances to access all the web sites which Firefox does. Sometimes chrome takes more slightly time to load all the pictures and videos on a web page than Firefox.

(While I'm still a loyal Safari user, that's only because I've grown so used to it I can't switch over. ) Firefox has amazing speed, but my favorite thing is the personalization. I love just how much you can add to it and customize so you can have a better experience. Definitely better than Chrome.

Firefox, is the best webbrowser of all time, because of its fast streamdownloading and security. I always used Google Chrome, but then I tried this, I was excited. I can only recommend Firefox, rather than Google Chrome, Explorer, safari and etc.

Firefox restricts users a lo of things in name of security and to enable some things you have to spend long time on their not-so-attractive forums and try various measures on trial-and-error basis... Most of the solutions include clear cache and cookies and still doesn't solve any problem and then I have to load and login everything from scratch as if it's my first time on the browser... Extensions are no good... I got fed-up of the problems that occurred ime and again ad not even the forums were able to help like unnecessarily showing server not found erros and making us reload the page and that gmail's standard view too... Yes they have got solutions but to have a solution means there is a PROBLEM in the first place... on the other hand Chrome has better extensions, efficient security measures with minimum user restrictions... Firefox to be honest never made an impression for me... Chrome did... - abhishah901

I don't know much about browsers, but what I do know is that I detest Google Chrome! Talk about missing a beat! It does and has fouled me up many times. I just plain don't like it. Firefox is user-friendly and has moved the bar up with many fantastic features, several that I wasn't aware of until a few minutes ago. You can be sure I will be changing that misnomer rather quickly!

I'm all for Firefox. Organized, very secure, and I can easily have all of my favorite websites right in the Bookmarks Bar with only the icon. I just find it funny of Internet Explorer got 5th place. And how Safari is better than Opera even though it's just a rip-off version of it.

Firefox is the best! Fast, secure, though heavier than others, and it has an open source version, and a magnificent interface very organized, and it supports every OS, a good thing for me, because I'm on linux and safari, for instance, doesn't (using wine just to use a browser, really? ) so firefox totally rocks.

I'll prefer Firefox over Google Chrome any day! Google Chrome is a part of Google - directly involved in PRISM.
That ought to change a few people's minds.
And Firefox has almost ALL features of Chrome, except the obvious proprietary ones.

I like Firefox. I like it's simple style, and I tried Chrome but it wasn't my thing and I have no interest in trying it again. I love Firefox too much! (Plus it has one of the best add-ons you can get, Ad-Block! )

While I do prefer Mozilla over Chrome, Mozilla has that trend where when you look at your plug in's will become outdated. However that is not a problem because you would definitely want to update it however Mozilla will block it for various reasons. But there is an easy way to do this is by searching for the plug in that you want on Google.

Best browser by far. Open source, safest, and it doesn't spy on every move you make, unlike Chrome.

Chrome is good, but Firefox is better.

I use both, but Chrome has been much slower these days, and has never been as good in my opinion.

East or west, Firefox is the best!
Although I've tried Chrome, and sometime Chrome seemed to be a little faster, but as I said, Sometime! Look, addons, font customization, specially with stability and an overall handsome getup, Firefox definitely deserves the top place, Chrome doesn't stand a chance!

My #2 is Chrome but because Firefox seems more organized and simple, it's the best! Although chrome tends to run faster, and for people who don't need a lot of Bookmark space and extras Chrome would be a better choice.

The new firefox 4 is better than any other browsers of this time. Google chrome must be the 1st but not be nice as Firefox 4. The new firefox 4 is safe, secure, fast and easy to use. - asifkonvict

No match for it. it's open source and it's about people's satisfaction rather than profits, unlike Google chrome. it's way more secure and also add-on support and everything is quite amazing!

Its fast, quick, and simple! Its easier to use than safari, faster than Internet Explorer, and more powerful than Google chrome! Overall, it's a great web browser!

I have tried Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. I like Firefox much better. Have all three on my computer. But I never use anything but Firefox. It really should be at the top.

The safest, the fastest and the most important thing (the best); because it enables all kinds of java scripts and other graphics faster and better. Unlike chrome, chrome is fast but very reliable.

Best, most fastest browser out there. Its simple to use, with so many modifications, skins, themes, and more!

I started with IE over a decade ago and found Firefox a few years back. Since then I've tried (clumsy) Chrome, let's hope they Firefox hunting is never banned.

I used to use Internet Explorer but it was going slow I switched to Firefox and I love it it's fast, Secure, Reliable, And Has Great Add-Ons It's The Best Browser outside and inside I love it

The BEST BROWSER available on the net. Why?
Firefox is reliable, it is fast, it is OPEN SOURCE, it is constantly imporiving.
Mozilla is the best community. They make quality software. I have tried google chrome, but still FIREFOX IS THE BEST, BELIEVE ME, FIREFOX SHOULD BE on THE 1st place

Secure, fast and best of all not owned by a Tech Giant who already owns a lot of my data (Google) but by a non-profit Organisation