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"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected." : Steve Jobs

If he would have hosted his website to Net Craft India, he might have been at the perfect hosting provider. I am very happy with this company they just have solved a problem which should be done by a web developer but they come forward and solve it. Brabho...

Did you seen their new website, they have done quite excellent work with their new website look and feel. Have a look and I hope you people will like the new website for sure.

My website is new and it's a good experience as they helped me to start my website with wordpress. They have script which make it easy to install and use wordpress. I am very happy with their prompt support.

They are not a big hosting provider, yet they are good a support. They helped me with my coding as well that is why I think you should buy hosting from Net Craft India.

I have been using their services and I am happy with their support. It's their good work or you can say good hosting service that make me come on this website and let people know about them. I personally trust them and include Mr. Samir at every IT related decision I make for my business.
You can reach him at +91-9899739900

I am from Afghanistan and living in Delhi, Kabul Bazar area. In my experience they are one of the best hosting provider in India with better support staff. I love their service with premium business emails, which is very low at cost yet experience is world class. Thumps up to them.

I just have bought a website from Net Craft India, its working nice with wordpress. Their prices are low and services is good.

Just use their services you will know why they are the best in India..

Strength : customized support for every individuals.

The best hosting service I ever used.. Call Mr. Samir at +91-9899739900 for personalized services

With hosting starting at Rs. 99.95 / mon, which also include free domain name is the best hosting packages available in India. Not only the price but also the uptime and support is better then other hosts.

Had my website with them. They are good

Better support.. that's all I want to say...

I like them.. My website is and since the very starting days of my website we have been with Net Craft India and very happy with their services.

Hosted a ecommerce website, not that good as with growing traffic it seems unable to handle traffic

They are best at service... they helped us getting online with our website and they also helped us with code.

We have hosted our multiple website with NetCraft India and never got any problem with them. None of our website had any downtime. They also helps us in taking the backup of all our website and I find them very co operative and friendly.

My website has been hosted with Net Craft India. I am happy with their services, website loads fast and email system is working fine.

I am a local ISP, providing internet services and also computer related services like AMC, networking etc. My website has been designed and also hosted by Net Craft India. Happy with their incredible services more of the personalize service from their support team, which is very friendly and helping. In my opinion they are the best.