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41 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

This should be way higher. You could spend hours upon hours looking for Easter eggs here. If you’re a big fan of stuff relating to horror, I definitely recommend this.

42 Death Battle

Hilarious and amazing.

Terrible. The only good episode is Goku V Superman

43 Camp Camp

I finished watch this show right before season 2 ended and I am hooked. It is not only the funniest thing I've ever seen. you can relate to at least someone to relate to. Sure, I also love rwby, but this show is the best. It has changed my life for the better. I really hope although it isn't likely for season 3. This show gives me so much inspiration. I really hope it gets to the top. I love camp camp.

44 Wainy Days

to get actual famous people to guest star in there episodes, its pretty good.

45 JustTubeyReturns

An AWESOME series with cool effects!

46 Battle for Dream Island

This is, hands down, the best web series, let alone reality show, ever created on YouTube! Good writing, awesome characters, and inspirational animation!

47 5secondfilms

I'm not talking about the films in 5 seconds, just check it out anyway, really funny.

48 How It Should Have Ended
49 Madness

Madness may be a newgrounds series but the violegnce is amazing. Also the music videos are hilarious.

This may be a stick person series but this show's fighting and violence rivals that of Xiao Xiao's. Its about an immortal named Hank who goes on rampages killing others.

50 Asdfmovie
51 Benthelooney
52 Salad Fingers
53 Machinima
54 Animated Atrocities

Believe it or not, but on this show Mr Enter actually reviewed my least favourite thing in all of media, Ren Seeks Help.

Mr Enter sucks though - LBomb

55 Epic Rap Battles Of History
56 A Day In the Life of Smosh (ianh)

Not really a web series, but is really interesting and really funny too.

57 Will It Blend?

Not really a web series as such, but still fun to watch.

58 Definition of Random
59 S*** Says
60 Old Spice

It is super ultimate funny and it also has terry crews

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