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Dork Diaries rocks!

Based on the books

22 Clubpenguin

I am ten years old almost 11 and it is a fun game for girls and boys.

23 Haloobie

Everything a girl needs! Site completely in spanish.

24 Magic Tree House

One Million Boys Agree That the Magic Tree House Website is Awesome. - playstationfan66

25 Poptropica
26 Animal Jam

This is my fave website ever. I totally recommend it! And yes, it is totally appropriate.

It is wonderful because u cannot be inappropriate very monitered site, it is fun there are many games and parties and a large world to explore the game is still good if u are not a member almost stupidly fun

V 1 Comment

It is very fun addicting cute animals every thing try this site

28 Star Stable
29 Moshi Monsters V 1 Comment
30 Stardoll

Stardoll is the best you have to try it its awesome your gonna love it

31 Friv V 2 Comments
32 qmpeople
34 Tweenyouandme

This is a Christian blog that is written by famous Christian girls author Nancy Rue. She gives advice about common girls problems. I give this 10 out of 10 stars

35 Girlslife
36 Igirlsgames
37 Playbuzz

By far the best quiz or personality trivia website can find any quiz you want on there. Vote for play buzz. Its awesome

38 BeingGirl

Its something about your period and puberty for girls

39 Transformice

A great game for girls customize you mouse with a differant virioty of accessories!

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