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41 Commander Kitty
42 Lackadaisy

Has some of the best artwork I've ever seen in a comic, period, as well as a cast of endearing and interesting characters, each with their own backstory, personality, and struggles. Lackadaisy also has an awesome sense of humor, but knows when to tone it down a bit and get serious.

43 Tripp
44 Lilith's Word
45 Fluffernutters
46 The Joy of Tech
47 Buttersafe
48 Dilbert
49 Sandra and Woo
50 Slightly Damned

Cool comic just started a few days ago very addicting to keep up with

51 Eddsworld

Why is this not on the top 10 list? It has many great comics! The animations are Amazing too!

52 The Oatmeal
53 Grim Tales
54 Zoophobia
55 Fisheye Placebo

The art is really, really amazing. Seriously. Just look it up.

56 Monsterkind

I am in love with this comic, it has so much characterization, story and all together life put into it! - SidneyHando

57 8-Bit Theater

Awesome SERIES! Think of. Final fantasy, but with a Dysfunctional incompentet hero team with a black Mage who wants to kill everyone, a idiot fighter a overcomplicated Red Mage and a wussy Theif. Best series ever!

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58 Bittersweet Candy Bowl

It mixes two of my favorite things, cats, and deceptions of high-school! - egberttheegbert

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59 Suicide for Hire
60 Ctrl+Alt+Delete V 1 Comment
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