Beware hosts that sell "unlimited" everything

Choosing a host is a pretty big deal, it's kind of like choosing the land on which to build a house. You want the land to be good, preferrably not in a flood zone or on a fault line. Like land for a house, your host determines the foundation your website is built on: The quality of the server, the data center, and the support you will receive when you need it.

Having helped start Online Institute Hosting more than a decade ago, we've seen our share of fly-by-night hosting companies come and go. Some simply oversold their servers, packing them with too many customers at cheap rates, and others were downright scams and it was obvious they wouldn't last long.

Many today promise "unlimited" everything yet pack the fine print with gotcha-style restrictions and excessive downtime.

It is much better to pay a few dollars more for something as important as your online presence (unless your website isn't important). Saving a few bucks to get bad service isn't saving, isn't wasting time and money.

There are many good hosts out there like Online Institute Hosting, but there are also a lot of hosts that are just plain lacking in support and infrastructure. Just be careful when you see something that seems too good to be true. And happy hosting.