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41 Midphase
42 HastyHost
43 AN Hosting

I've been using for about a year now to host several sites including one reseller account for a new venture, and I must say I have been very impressed by your service and support. The server has had very stable uptime, the features included in the hosting accounts are very powerful considering the cost, but most impressive has been your support. In particular, the response time for support requests has been very quick, especially considering that most companies don't even respond to support requests in the same day any more.

I'm new in site building, but with their easy in use panel I could build a website myself without any help of a web-developer ) that saved me a lot

Excellent support! Their response time is impressing, my issue was resolved within 20 mins

45 000Webhost

Best free option..if you pay, get free tld domain..great user panel, have not auto-installer in free version, but who cares..using with joomla and wordpress, and simply works fine..

46 Squarespace

Looks beautiful, clean and extremely elegant. Easy to use as well. - MarkMatrix430

47 Yola
48 Pressku

Waw, It is # 1 web hosting in Indonesia, but not internationally. is really cheap domain, but have many good facilities. I really satisfied with this Webhost because I can have web with a cheap price. Yeah, I very salute

The webhosting from Indonesia, with 24/7 technical support. And this webhosting created by a 13 years kid. And, this webhost is a cheap bloghost. - umustknow

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49 AlterVista
50 InMotion Hosting, Inc.

Business Class Hosting with multiple data centers for faster speeds (they are the only hosting provider in the States to do this). They are a 3 Star CNET Certified Hosting Company for 8 continuous years and counting. Great customer service, and a 99. 98 uptime, which is independently monitored. - IMHosting

Of all the hosts I have been with, this has been the best buy. They are proactive in providing security and support. Their support team has always been able to answer my questions, and even help with coding. If you are a small business or personal website, then Inmotion is worth checking out. - repoulin

I just have a discussion with the support team to move my wordpress site on a new domain, and his answer was clear and efficiency, thanks a lot!

Seriously, InMotion Hosting have the greatest and fastest chat service that I have seen!

Thanks - samnup

Prompt and professional customer service, no downtime experienced thus far. I'm quite happy with InMotion Hosting.

51 WhoGoHost
52 Manashosting

World's Best Hosting Company!

No one can compete on price which they offer to customers.

Best support services with a knowledgeable website having all information related to hosting and domain stuff.

Manashosting is the best hosting site in Asia.
Let your dream website come true with the help of

Best quality, unlimited web space, cheaper rates.

Excellent services. Best discounted rates, awesome customer and technical support.

Best Hosting Company!

Superb server speed with reliable service.

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53 WebHostingBuzz
54 InterServer
55 Craighosting
56 BraveHost

I have to say that I love hese guys :) they have al the cool gizmos and stuff everyone likes like that

57 Fasthosts

Very reliable server with reasonable price.

58 Maximspace

Cheap & Affordable cPanel hosting service with all features a webmaster is looking for.

59 Bruwink
60 1FreeHosting
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