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82 FreeHostingNoAds
83 Heroku
84 Trance Host
85 Softcodelink

I like your new customer Control Panel interface, it's very nice. And I would like to say thank you for providing the PrestaShop installer - it's great!

Not great. However, worth for price compare to my previous host support and service.

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86 Cyber Futuristics

Best tech support team I have ever seen! Good Work Cyber Futuristics

87 WestHost
88 HostSoch

HostSoch is a best web hosting company from India, offers reliable and reasonable web hosting and domain services. The company is specialized in Shared hosting servcies offers various other services such as domain registration, Wordpress hosting etc. - zita

Good web host

Great freebies along with the hosting packages.. loved customer support from zeena..


One of the best hosting in India. I have been using BigRock for my hosting needs since a long time now and I never had any problem with them. The prices are withing my budget and I think anyone can afford them.

I used their service which is best ever I like with cheap rates!

90 FastVPS Eesti OU
91 uCoz

Why is this at 85? The website is free and almost doesn't limit you, also if you don't like the restrictions you can simply buy premium. - LargeDemon

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92 4Fans Network
93 MicroHosting

Affordable web hosting provider. They are very responsible about support.

94 YesilHosting.Net
95 Zoho Sites

Create a website for your business, for free. Zoho Sites offers all the tools you need to create a website, all buy yourself.

96 xCubeHost - Cheap cPanel web hosting with over 300+ one click pre installed applications, featuring Raid-10 and instant setup!

97 Rumahweb

Rumahweb, Best provider domain and hosting from Indonesia

98 WebFaction
99 Host Hexa V 1 Comment
100 TigerTech

TigerTech is amazing. I can't believe they're not one of the Big Ten! Lower prices, a LOT more space, MUCH better customer service. Plus, their infrastructure is 100% Mac-Powered, which means none of the crashes, scams, nor Virus/Trojan/Worm attacks that you-know-who provides it's victims on a daily basis.

TigerTech gets my vote... And my business for over a decade. Knowledgeable to an extreme, immediate attention to even the pickiest little glitches, massive webspace & unlimited bandwidth. I was paying $20 a month to one of the Big Names & getting no customer service whatsoever. Went to TT and got 100 times the webspace & instantaneous assistance at 1/3 the cost.

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