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21 Acquainted

People seriously this is the best one off of beauty behind madness. Abel we need a music video to get this to the top. So hurry

If you liked this song listen to girls born in the 90's by the weeknd. It is the original version and much better.

The best song off Beauty Behind The Madness, I love it!

#25? Really? - ZeroBlaster

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22 Echoes of Silence

The raw emotion and feeling extracted from the vocals all comes together at the bridge where you put yourself in his position and feel what he's feeling. Amazing song

The most amazing song from the lyrics,to the ending where the no's fade to represent him leaving. this song is a work of art

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23 Tell Your Friends
24 Next

You can hear the deep emotion in his voice and meaning behind the lyrics which create a beautiful masterpiece

This song seems so relatable for me I don't know why - Ajkloth

Incredible song

awful song

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25 Low Life

This song is incredible, especially with Future and his silly vocals, which really compliments Abel's soft tone in this song, as well as the amazing beats.

I love this song, it's the first time I understood what Future was saying

Definitely not number 1. The hills is better but definitely top 10

This must be higher than 16 its such a good song

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26 Secrets

Secrets should be so much higher up the list. It's fun to sing along to and has some pretty unique sounds

It's so romantical

27 Kiss Land

This song is 7 minutes 36 seconds of pure pleasure. Back when Abel had full creative control over his work. This didn't sell well, but this was gold. The second part of the song takes the listener to a whole new world.

A beautiful story in a song. The mood he sets with the vocals and instrumental come together to paint a picture of his experiences in Asia that inspired this song and the whole album

Excellent song that splits into two completely different sounds

It's so underrated...god please upvote it guys...this and wanderlust are two of his best song ever. at least TOP 10!

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28 Sidewalks

27 is about 30 spots too low for this song

This needs to be in the top 20

29 Elastic Heart
30 What You Need

This embodies everything The Weeknd was from the beginning of his career. You can feel the passion in the production and his lyrics.

31 The Party & The After Party

Seriously guys?! The Beach House sample and everything?!?!?! This song just might be perfect. There are so many new hits that aren't even that good that are way higher than this. Whatever dudes.

32 6 Inch
33 Wanderlust

Where do I start Just listen for yourself

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34 Might Not

Weeknd makes this song great. Amazing vocals by the Weeknd.

Song should belong to The Weeknd. Amazing tune.

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35 Pretty

Saw the video for this... I can't erase it from my mind. But the song is great - JaysTop10List

The hauntingly beautiful melody and story attached to this song make it an amazing unforgettable masterpiece.

36 Enemy


37 Belong to the World

This is one of the Weeknd best songs but it is soon underrated because of its deep meaning and experimental song. It should at least be on the top ten.

What is this songs doing at 34? It should at least be top ten! This songs is so underrated.

The beginning is so great and hype

I'm surprised this song along with many others on his Kissland album didn't launch him into immense stardom sooner. The raw emotion and soul he poured into this song and many others makes it undoubtably one of his greatest.

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38 Dark Times

Easily the most underrated song on BBTM.

Ed Sheeran is BAE!

39 False Alarm

This should be in the top ten! Probably the best Experimental song in years! - Maxo

The drop is so crazy! Makes me want to break my legs every time I listen to it!

Very Cool drop

Better than Starboy

40 The Fall
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