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Which is the best album by the alternative rock band Weezer?

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Amazing! The lyrics here are very personal to Rivers and sounds very human. It can really help you through some tough times. Pinkerton and Blue will forever be the best material Weezer has to offer.

This is not only unquestionably the best Weezer album but also the greatest album of all time, at least in my opinion. No other album I've ever listened to was written with such raw passion and emotion. It is an absolute masterpiece. As a long time Weezer fan I feel every album has its merits, and they're all a fun listen, and no album has not and will not ever match this in terms of melody, song-writing, lyrics, etc. and it is unfair to compare the other Weezer albums to Pinkerton just because nothing will ever come close to it. If you could write perfection in the form of music, this is what it would sound like.

Man, this really is the biggest achievement from the 90s. A near perfect rock album.

Never have I seen a musician put there human emotions out there ever since the Violent Femmes or The Microphones. It's so naked, raw and powerful.

Rivers has created something special, controversial and private that will go down as something people either relish in it's glory or poo-poo it as teenage dirtbag-esque

Weezer (Blue Album)

Not a single bad song on here, and it should be higher than Pinkerton.

Perfection. only in dreams is too long I guess, but besides that there's nothing bad you can say about this masterpiece.

This album is quite perfect with it's raw sound and perfect songs including my favorites "Say it Ain't So", "Buddy Holly", "Undone" and "Holiday". It definitely deserves number one and "Rolling Stone Magazine" agrees as this album made the top 500 albums of all time list.

I love Pinkerton, but the thing for me to really enjoy it is when I'm in a melancholy mood. Blue Album is the kind of album you can listen to whenever and you'll catch yourself singing along while chilling on the couch on a Sunday morning. My Name is Jonas, Undone, and Say it Ain't so are probably my favorite songs on this album. For anyone who wants to get into Weezer, listen to Blue first!


Weezer rocks on this album. I didn't really get in to it when I first heard it, but I decided to listen again a few years later. Now I really think it should be in the top 5.

Maladroit... I know a couple of songs on this album like, Dope Nose, and I've been wanting this album but I just can't seem to find it anywhere... I live in the Pittsburgh Area of PA, if you know where I could find it please tell me

Riffage. To me it is their best album

After the over simplicity of the green album, Weezer's creativity was questioned. To me personally when I hear songs like dope nose, keep fishing, blended with songs like death & destruction as well as burndt jambd (Sorry if I misspelled it) I truly believe that Weezer aren't just a rock band playing pop chords, but that they are artists

Weezer (Green Album)

Really good album. Only reason why it isn't my favorite is probably because it is way too short! Still great. My favorites are Hash Pipe, and Knock Down Drag Out.

People like to pretend they don't like this album. but they do. it is amazing with a couple of exceptions

Blue, Pinkerton, Green, Maladroit, Hurley, Blackhole, Red, Death To False Metal, Make Believe, Raditude. That is my opinion

Not only is this better quality than Pinkerton but also has heavier songs and non-radio friendly songs like Hash Pipe. Pinkerton is the most overrated Weezer album here, has like 2-3 good songs.

Everything Will Be Alright In the End

Why is the Green Album higher than this? It was so boring and all of the songs sounded the same. This albums was Weezers return to form, with songs such as I’ve Had It Up to Here and Foolish Father.

I actually like this album better than Blue.

Don't hate me. Let me explain.

Blue has two standout hits: Say it ain't So, and Buddy Holly. Then it has 8 other tracks, that are, while not always memorable, those tunes that are gonna get stuck in your head.

On Everything will be alright in the end, EVERY SINGLE TRACK has gotten stuck in my head. It has Back to the Shack, Ain't Got Nobody, the Vinci, Cleopatra, and The British are Coming, (as well as the fantastic ending to the Futurescope trilogy) and the rest are all those memorable tunes.

This album should be on top, followed by Blue and Green

Basically Hurley 2. That said, it's way better overall and deserves to be in the top 5. Ain't Got Nobody is incredible.

It's not even out yet and already surpasses half the list. The previews of songs they've been releasing have a more solid beat and lyrical content then Make Believe, The Red Album, Hurley, and especially the God forsaken Raditude.

Well, I for one think this record absolutely sucks. Even with repeated listens I haven't been able to find anything even remotely interesting. A completely pointless release. People can bag on Ratitude as much as they like, but Let it All Hang Out alone blows everything this turd offers out of the water. - tommydeath

Weezer (White Album)

Well, in all honesty, this album had me in tears. Not emotionally, but just how much Weezer has returned in this album. EWBAITE was the resurrection to say, but this album is a true return. It was fantastic. Should definitely be in the top 5.

Just started back listening to weezer and its because of this album. I feel like I'm going though the same thing I did when I discovered blue when I was fourteen. Great stuff.

While this is not the best, it is definitely in the top 5. They really put a lot of effort into it and it sounds perfect. Every song is really good

Best Songs:
California Kids, Good Thing, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori, Endless Bummer, L.A. Girlz, Thank God For Girls

Worst Songs:

Weezer (Red Album)

This is an amazing album. In terms of the range of styles that this album showcases, I consider it to be their "Revolver" album. Conceptually this shows Weezer having the most fun that they have ever had in the studio through their use of changing instrumental and song writing roles. But, at no point does it not sound like Weezer. Rather, it's Weezer trying new things, which is the sign of a band aging gracefully.

Honestly, the album grabs my attention with Troublemaker and Pork And Beans but then loses me on tracks like Everybody Get Dangerous. Don't get me started on The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, I get what they were trying to do, but what they came out with was nothing amazing. However, this album is definitely worth buying with tracks like Cold Dark World, Thought I Knew and (by far the best Weezer slow song) The Angel And The One. The band explores territory unmatched by any previous and future albums as Bell, Shriner, and Wilson all take their turns in (fantastic) compositions as lead singer. Sorry, Weezer (Blue Album) is by far the best songwise, but Weezer (Red Album) is the best display of Weezer's talent and creativity as artists.

I feel the same way man. I always love Pork and Bean and there was only one or two songs that I didn't fall for. Cold Dark World is amazing and personally I really like Everybody Get Dangerous. - cjWriter1997

I love this album. Pork and beans baby!

This is much better than maladroit


Good album, but... That cover.. *shudder*

Why on number four? It's the best album ever! Please listen to the song 'Ruling Me' than you know why it's the best album.

Oh come on hurley is not THAT bad

Memories, ruling me, hang on, run away, represent, trainwrecks. Listen to them

Make Believe

Every song is epic. Beautifully played guitars and delicate harmonies: a pleasure for your ears.

This is probably my least favourite weezer album

Perfect situation and Beverly Hills are as good as ALL WEEZER SONGS COMBINED!

The most underrated =W= album by far. Pinkerton is my actual #1 but this is close behind in #2. The music, the lyrics, everything is perfect in this album. I really don't get why this album is disliked so much. "Damage in Your Heart" is easily just as powerful as any other =W= song out there. Seriously, aside from Beverly Hills this album is a masterpeice.

Songs From the Black Hole

It's such a great story, and such a deserving album that never was

Was it actually released?

This is peak weezer

My favorite album. In my opinion better than Pinkerton.

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Death to False Metal

This is not so much a studio album as it is a collection of unreleased material, but it's pretty good stuff and way better than anything Weezer put out post-Make Believe.

This album has some great songs. Iy deserves to be higher.

I wasn't a fan of this album... but at least it's better than Raditude...


This is a disgrace to Music, and Weezer in general, absolutely their worst albums, and one of the worst albums of all time.

Good Riddance.

This DESERVES to be lower, it's a awful album to sit through... and in general it's like Rivers was drunk off his ass when he made this atrocity.

I like nearly every song in this album. I always listen to this album all the way through (I deleted like 1 song though). (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To is my favorite song!

This is a very good album and contains two brilliant songs in I'm Your Daddy and (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To.

Pacific Daydream

Come on guys! It isn't that bad. Look, if Weezer was to keep doing their 90s power pop/emo thing, we would all get tired of it. And Weezer was well aware of that, so they modernized their sound. This makes them more accessible to the new generation. But I wish people would stop complaining about how new Weezer isn't very good! Different doesn't mean bad!

Best Songs:
Sweet Mary, Weekend Woman, Mexican Fender, QB Blitz, Beach Boys, La Mancha Screwjob

Worst Songs:
Happy Hour, Feels Like Summer

It was only released a couple days ago and it definitely deserves to be higher than Make Believe

A more modern pop sound which pisses of old people but their new fans will enjoy.

Weezer (Teal Album)
Weezer (Black Album)
The Kitchen Tapes
Summer Songs 2000

Pop-Punk Weezer! Guaranteed to explode out of your speakers. Rocks more than any other PP album

Six Hits

Has 6 of their best songs. That's it. Pretty cool

... Happy Record Store Day
Christmas with Weezer
Van Weezer
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