Best Weezer Songs

Weezer is one of the most important bands to the 90's alternative musical movement. They had many albums that were all different in thier own way.

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1 Say It Ain't So

The best song of my favorite band

The most Weezer song Weezer have ever written.

BEST EVER! This song is addicting! I love it so much! I hope this song is remembered forever. Island in the Sun is awesome too. If you're a Weezer fan, this is for you.


2 Buddy Holly

I'm one of the few people who after hearing this on a car commercial, looked it up because I thought it was a good song. It is, also the video is one of the best music videos to date.

A classic weezer song love it - Flyingmidget12

Unforgettable and catchy chorus. The guitar riffs are also outstanding both in the verses and in the choruses.

classic, awesome solo, awesome bridge, awesome lyrics. AWESOME SONG

3 Undone (The Sweater Song)

Such a spine tickling ending.

This is the song that got me into Weezer. It is still probably my favorite, everything was put together so well, and I could listen to it forever. - Slipperyjack40

Classic weezer, perfect song. Just amazing

So good to chill out to if you just want to mellow out to a tune this is definitely a song you want to listen to.

4 Island in the Sun

This song is so great that I could continue listening to it on repeat over and over again for days! I love the amazing catchy uplifting tone of the song.

My friend really likes this song. It’s pretty good. - Misfire

Dude this is the best weezer song so far. I don't know why its not at the top list

I like it! Reminds me of another song, the rift, but I can't remember the name of it!

5 Hash Pipe

Greatest song ever written!. I listen to this songs every day and it always makes me happy, I mainly love the bass in the song.

Their best riff, an amazing song with so much attitude, maybe my favorite weezer' song


A LOT better than Island In The Sun, I don't know how that song is higher than this one,

6 El Scorcho

My favorite love song of all time. The cynicism, the bitterness, the self-consciousness.
I absolutely love the bridge and the third verse, but the song overall is flawless. Amazing. This song speaks to me. - JoLeKosovo

"I'll bring home the Turkey and you'll bring home the bacon! "

Love it.

Love this song. It's ridiculously catchy and I just can't help but sing out loud when the chorus hits.

This is a hard choice but I just love the "Green Day" style breakdown. It's disappointing Island In the Sun isn't on here though. - Badoosh45

7 My Name is Jonas

Amazing song, great guitar playing as well! Definitely among their best!

Great song. What more could anybody want from Weezer, or and band for that matter? Excellent guitar (of course), absolutely astounding tempo increase towards the end. It's just a fun and energetic song.

It's honestly one of Weezer's greatest masterpieces. The sound is amazing and Rivers wrote the song without trying to be someone he's not. He even makes references to the sled he had as a child. It's a great song made by a great band.

This is Their best song. It has every component that is good about Weezer, and a harmonica solo! You play the starting riff to this and all the hoes take off their clothes, And some of the dudes... But that's the price you pay for holding that power.

8 Only in Dreams

My number one. In my opinion, one of the best songs of the 90's; Only in Dreams has it all. A perfect bassline. Dreamy acoustic guitar. Fantastic chorus. But above all that, you have the solo. Two guitars spiraling and twisting together, painting beautiful melodic harmonies and climbing to a climax unrivaled in anything they've done since. Perfection.

Their best song, at least in my opinion.

While I'd like to think that at least one post blue album song could be better than the blue album, all tracks stop here. It's so much better than any of their other tracks it's not even funny. Don't let the 8 minute duration drive you away like it did to me. Only In Dreams is the masterpiece all other Weezer tracks have yet to beat, but some runner ups include;

Tired of Sex
My Name is Jonas
Perfect Situation
Keep Fishin'
Pink Triangle
Across the Sea
Undone- the sweater song
The Futurescope Trilogy

Just to name a few (by the way just my opinion, except Only in Dreams, which is a fact).

You can totally feel this song, everyone can relate to it. The length is scary, but trust me, lay down somewhere relax and listen to this song. You'll know what I mean when you do.

9 Across the Sea

Best weezer song by far all the blue album are overrated 9 times out of ten I'd rather listen to any song on pinkerton tan blue

Being a Weezer fan of great proportions, this song is among my favorites. Rivers seemed to put a lot of anger and sadness into this song and you can really hear it when you play the song.

The reason why Across the Sea is my favorite Weezer song is how it relates to my personal relationships with girls who I love, but they will never know it. But it doesn't just relate to me, it relates to every single person who has ever had a little crush on someone. This song is really sad. Knowing another person far away loves you... and you want to love them back, but you just can't have them for the obvious reason that they are not close to you.

Across the Sea is such a great song from a great album. I still don't understand why Pinkerton was panned by critics... such a great album. I was just rocking out to this song and was wondering what people on the net were saying about it. Needs to be Top 10. It definitely needs to be higher than "Pork and Beans"- WTF?

10 The Good Life

Screw this crap, I've had it!

Just the utter, and shear cry, that Rivers brings, you can just feel the passion and emotion of him, and I'm sure all of us earnestly and endearingly relate too. Someone just wanting to go back... is that too much to ask. So honest and true, we can't. And that's what makes this (for me at least) the greatest Weezer song. Ever. All of Pinkerton in fact is amazing, filled with such honest and passionate, emotional songs. If you can't find it in your mind, or even heart for that matter, then you can never enjoy music. Put simply: you are so god damned closed minded. Best song ever made will always be my favorite album and song. I just wanna go back to "The Good Life."

Unpopular opinion - I never thought Pinkerton was anything super special but this remains my favorite Weezer song of all time

My favorite song from Weezer. Nothing else to really add there

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11 In the Garage

I think that everyone can relate to this song at some point. - Slipperyjack40

This song summarizes weezer an awesome nerdy rock group that we have come to know and love

The lyrics may seem simple but to me they mean a whole lot more. I feel they are expressing the fact that they don't care what anyone else thinks of them. Yes they are nerds, but they love to rock.

Come on, this is an anthem! Should be top 10 no less. In fact the top ten should be the whole blue album.

12 Pink Triangle

Such a fun and beautiful song. Their best song in my opinion.

Fun unrequited love song, awesome when I pop this out at Karoke!

This isn't top 10 and Beverly Hills is?! This is the pinnacle of Rivers' lyrics. "I'm dumb, she's a lesbian... We're as good as married in my mind, but married in my mind is no good. " Great chorus, great bridge, it's just a fantastic, catchy song.

"We were good as married in my mind, but married in my mind's no good. " Great song! This should rank higher!

13 Pork and Beans

The lyrics are hilarious and catchy, especially the awesome chorus. Definitely the best song from the Red Album and one of the best they've ever done! Good video too!

This song has a great music video. - MEEKOY

It is so good I know I am only 12 but come on. it has to be in top 5

I wish Pork And Beans wasn't 10th, it has a great beat and tune to it! Don't forget to watch the music video!

14 Beverly Hills

This is definitely my favorite Weezer song of all time. I first heard it when I was like 6 years old. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

The rhythm of the drums is just fantastic, it gives the song most of its coolness and the guitar does all the rest. I can describe it with just one word... AWESOME! - juandavidnogueramontoya

Really layed back, very relatable. One of their bes

Sick song! Every time it comes on my Ipod I start rocking out, this should be higher.

15 Perfect Situation

I Love that dissonant screechy guitar solo. It's perfect.

One of the best. Enough said.

Good melody in this one. I never get tired of listening to it.

God I love this song so much. It makes any sucky day of mine seem much better.

16 Tired of Sex

Hated this song at first but became by third favorite weezer song it's a great song great way to start off their best album

Second-best on Pinkerton in my opinion. Really balances Pinkerton and is a great opener. "The rockstar grind has never been less attractive" - Rolling Stone - JoLeKosovo

Tired of Sex is thier best song! Great lyrics & a totally great solo! not "classic" weezer stuff but its powerful & a brilliant opening to thier best album; Pinkerton
- thunder2221

This song is the epitome of awesome. It has a very personal feeling to it, its melody is fantastic and it's so unique and haunting. It's simply amazing. To open the best album of all time (Pinkerton) with this really sets the stage for the rest of the masterpieces on the album. - evoxpisces

17 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

In my freshmen year of high school, I had no friends except for this one girl. But then she just decided to not talk to me anymore and just left me hanging without any friends. Even though we weren't sexually interested in each other, I feel like this song says everything I felt after she left me. Easily one of their best. - Slipperyjack40

Rivers most clever song writing to date

The lyrics are so heartfelt and relatable. And the melodies are so catchy. I don't like choosing favorite songs, but it's between this, In Dreams, and Undone (the sweater song).

This song just oozes emotion. "I talked for hours to your wallet photograph. " Who can't relate to this? The lyrics are just top notch.

The guitar solo is just great as well. Definitely vote for it because it deserves a way better spot that 22.

18 (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

So catchy! The first day I heard it, Well, I listened to the song WAY too many times that day. My Fav. Song!

I absolutely love this song. It sounds so realistic. It could be about a real relationship. It's quirky and cute and has an addictive melody that I just love with all my heart.

Needs to be in the top 10 for sure. The song is catchy and pops, but lyrically is says some very relevant things about the life of a relationship, all the while matching them up with a very solid chorus. It's a hidden gem.

This song just makes me want to sing along and dance (: Such a great song, very fun to listen to.

19 The Angel and the One

For a true weezer fan (or was until they stopped caring and don't write their own songs anymore) this is by far the best they've ever done. When weezer care and put effort in this is what they come out with, pure class. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE weezer get back to being yourselves four guys in a room live making great tracks like this

This is the best song by far, because it captures every thing they hope to be and the words and phrasing are perfect together and it builds and it sways like no other song before or since.

Most underrated song

One of the best since Pinkerton

20 Troublemaker

The First Weezer Song I Ever Heard

Their best song period

Choice song, one of there layed back songs and catchy

Really expected this to be higher

21 Keep Fishin'

The best song on the most underrated Weezer album of all time

Catchy and classic Weezer! Should be in the top 5.

Wait, wait, why this song just like been dumped? Island in the sun and say it ain't so are great, but this song is my favourite at this time! Catchy Intro, Catchy Chorus, Catchy Lyrics, Heavy Guitar! Very Weezer

This song has 2 kind of chorus, and both of them are very enjoyable
Especially when you sing it on journey in the Car!

22 The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

This is the best of the silly songs by Weezer. The change in style keeps it interesting all throughout unlike their usually more repetitive, simpler riffs.

I am the greatest man that ever lived...

So empowering, great rock song

This is at least in their top 10.

23 Falling for You

This needs to be higher! Those key changes in the chorus are amazing. - tonirali

This song is immaculate and perfect, with that sweet G riff... its perfectness... especially when played after pink triangle

The solo in this track is perfect.

24 Butterfly

It may not be traditional Weezer but the lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, and the guitar is soothing and nice.

You can tell Rivers Cuomo definitely wore his heart on his sleeve on this one. Not your a typical Weezer song.

My all-time favourite weezer song. Beautiful.

25 Foolish Father
26 Back to the Shack

I read this as Back It To Shrek. - EllaJoy

Amazing new song... If they had come out with this earlier in their career, it would take some life out of it, but it would already be at the top. But I guess Rivers needed that "aha" moment - Drum_Solo

Very underrated. Great song though. It proved Weezer had not in fact lost its way during the 2000s.

This song made me a fan of weezer

27 Da Vinci

This song makes me smile whenever I hear it. - ThatoneMetalhead

This song took me from liking Weezer to being obsessed with Weezer. Great groove, great chords, great melody, and a lot of little background stuff that really makes it pop.

The vinci should be higher in the countdown

28 No One Else

My favourite Weezer song so amazing!

Definitely in their top 3

Defiantly should be in the top 5 it’s amazing my personal favourite Weezer song EVER,!

No One Else is EXTREMELY underrated. Better than My Name is Jonas, all parts are strong. I love the chorus to this, staying within a few notes, staying simple.

29 Surf Wax America

The wave is foaming like a bottle of beer

Why? Should be Lower

30 Why Bother?

Very underrated

One of the best expressions of angst through song ever.

This should be way higher - LizardKing99

So amazing and relatable

31 Holiday

This is the best Weezer song. The lyrics, subject matter and music are in perfect unison. I always listen to it before going away, gets me in the mood.

This is such a perfect weezer song, it should be higher

#47? This song should be at least in the 20's. Better than island in the sun and buddy holly easily


32 Death and Destruction
33 King of the World

The song to be revealed alongside The White album. It's fantastic. A true Weezer song

To me this song speaks to how the world and life may be hard but there are those who love and understand you

Awesome song. Just amazing

Favorite song from the new album.. Long live Weezer!

34 Do You Wanna Get High?

Amazing. Probably in my top ten.

A very great and underrated song. It really reminds me of Weezer's Pinkerton era and I really wish the rest of the white album captured the beauty that was in this song. While I don't think this should be #1, I think it should at least be around #5 or 6

Painfully underrated song!

One of their best recent songs. Definitely desereves to be higher than hash pipe

35 California Kids

Why is this so low? Great song and should be in top 10! Makes you feel like you're in California

The chorus gets me every time. should be higher

36 Getchoo
37 Breed (Nirvana Cover)
38 L.A. Girlz

It's a sweet song
Vote up! - Ananya

39 Don't Let Go
40 Dreamin'

Always puts me in a care-free mood, one of the best songs off the red album!

41 Dope Nose
42 Smile

My favorite weezer song because it just brings me so much joy and I love it the guitar and everything and it’s not over complicated

Short but sweet. Definitely one of their top songs.

43 Cleopatra

Sounds like a country song!

44 We are All on Drugs

Definitely a weezer classic. Not one of their most well known but one their best for sure. I would Highly recommend this song!

This top 15 worthy how is it number 60 what are you thinking

Top 20 please. It's not about drugs... It's a metaphor


45 Africa

Bless the rains

Better than Toto's version

What could be better than the song Africa by Toto? The song Africa by Weezer! The guitar and vocals added to that song make it better than the original.

I love it. One of my all time favorite covers

46 The End of the Game

Really good song the guitar the beginning kinda sounds like van halen looking forward to their new album

47 Thank God for Girls

This song I really good. I got some of my friends to listen to this and they love it. This should be at least in the top 20

Definitely one of their better recent songs

Very weird and I despise the words but great tune - TopTenListmaker

48 Unbreak My Heart

Weezer's best ever cover

49 Haunt You Every Day

One of my favorite song. So underrated

50 (Girl We Got A) Good Thing
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