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Weezer is one of the most important bands to the 90's alternative musical movement. They had many albums that were all different in thier own way.

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21 Falling for You

This needs to be higher! Those key changes in the chorus are amazing. - tonirali

This song is immaculate and perfect, with that sweet G riff... its perfectness... especially when played after pink triangle

The solo in this track is perfect.

22 Keep Fishin'

Wait, wait, why this song just like been dumped? Island in the sun and say it ain't so are great, but this song is my favourite at this time! Catchy Intro, Catchy Chorus, Catchy Lyrics, Heavy Guitar! Very Weezer

This song has 2 kind of chorus, and both of them are very enjoyable
Especially when you sing it on journey in the Car!

23 Butterfly

It may not be traditional Weezer but the lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, and the guitar is soothing and nice.

You can tell Rivers Cuomo definitely wore his heart on his sleeve on this one. Not your a typical Weezer song.

My all-time favourite weezer song. Beautiful.

24 Foolish Father
25 The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

This is the best of the silly songs by Weezer. The change in style keeps it interesting all throughout unlike their usually more repetitive, simpler riffs.

I am the greatest man that ever lived...

So empowering, great rock song

Should be top10

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26 Why Bother?

This should be way higher - LizardKing99

So amazing and relatable

Amazing rhythm.

27 Da Vinci

This song took me from liking Weezer to being obsessed with Weezer. Great groove, great chords, great melody, and a lot of little background stuff that really makes it pop.

The vinci should be higher in the countdown

28 Back to the Shack

Amazing new song... If they had come out with this earlier in their career, it would take some life out of it, but it would already be at the top. But I guess Rivers needed that "aha" moment - Drum_Solo

Very underrated. Great song though. It proved Weezer had not in fact lost its way during the 2000s.

This song made me a fan of weezer

Awesome song

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29 No One Else

No One Else is EXTREMELY underrated. Better than My Name is Jonas, all parts are strong. I love the chorus to this, staying within a few notes, staying simple.

Such a brilliant tune

The most underrated song of all time!

Top 10 For Sure

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30 Memories

I heard this on Jackass 3 and I love this song. It's awesome that the Jackass crew sings the chorus. Can't get over this song.

The song that introduced me too them when I saw it on Jackass. Love the song and love the fact that you see the guys hanging out singing, playing instruments and skateboarding - Danielsun182

This song is really upbeat and can cheer you up, really think it should've been in the top ten. (My graduation song)!

Awesome song

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31 Surf Wax America

Why? Should be Lower

It's called Surf Wax America idiot
It's also pretty damn good

32 Photograph

This song is so catchy, 2nd best song from The Green Album after Island In The Sun of course.

One of the few songs that sounds amazing on the first listen and never loses its spark. It's corny. It's unabashedly positive. And I gobble it all up.

This is THE BEST Weezer song by far.

Probably not their best but top 5 at least for me

33 Death and Destruction
34 Getchoo
35 King of the World

The song to be revealed alongside The White album. It's fantastic. A true Weezer song

To me this song speaks to how the world and life may be hard but there are those who love and understand you

Awesome song. Just amazing

Favorite song from the new album.. Long live Weezer!

36 Do You Wanna Get High?

A very great and underrated song. It really reminds me of Weezer's Pinkerton era and I really wish the rest of the white album captured the beauty that was in this song. While I don't think this should be #1, I think it should at least be around #5 or 6

Painfully underrated song!

One of their best recent songs. Definitely desereves to be higher than hash pipe

The broken and drained vocals. The blaring guitars and and groovy bassline with chill drums and keyboards that's just ooze with angst with the solo and vocal harmonies the lyrics are romantic in a twisted sort of w.ay and the whoe song is so grimy and sounds sooo good. My personal favoritr song by my favorite band.

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37 Breed (Nirvana Cover)
38 Holiday

This is the best Weezer song. The lyrics, subject matter and music are in perfect unison. I always listen to it before going away, gets me in the mood.

This is such a perfect weezer song, it should be higher

#47? This song should be at least in the 20's. Better than island in the sun and buddy holly easily

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39 Thank God for Girls

This song I really good. I got some of my friends to listen to this and they love it. This should be at least in the top 20

Very weird and I despise the words but great tune - TopTenListmaker

Definitely one of their better recent songs

40 Everybody Get Dangerous
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