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61 Susanne

I've been a Weezer fan for a long time and I know every single one of their songs back-to-front - and this is still my favourite Weezer song of all time.

The archetypical Weezer-song. If you wanna show some one with one song who weezer are, just pick this one!

One of the best and certainly most underrated songs, so many have never heard this song.

SuSANNE. You’re all. That. I. Wan. Ted

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62 Simple Pages
63 Endless Bummer

This song is just so perfect. A simple acoustic guitar paired with River's voice, and then bam. What could possibly be the best Weezer solo of all time, comes on. Simply amazing.

64 I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
65 No Other One

In my opinion this is one of weezer's best songs. Probably in my top 5 favourite songs of theirs. Just listen to the intro to this song and you will understand.

It sounds so sad but somehow it's still great to listen to. Beautiful song.

How can this be so far down?

One of the best on Pinkerton.

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66 Blast Off

Even though this song was from the unreleased Songs From the Black Hole album, this song would easily be in the top ten if it was released on the Blue Album or Pinkerton. This song is the most underrated Weezer song ever! :P

67 Slob
68 Slave
69 Hang On
70 Tragic Girl

My personal favorite Weezer song. Rivers' vocals here are the most emotional I've ever heard.

Great song. Best Weezer song that never got popular

People just haven't listened to this one enough. Last song on the deluxe edition of Pinkerton, this song barely got any credit and it's lyrically awesome and just as good quality if not better than the material on pinkerton!

71 The Futurescope Trilogy

This is the most epic thing they've released since "Only In Dreams" which is probably my second favorite. "Return to Ithaka" is probably the single greatest moment in rock music from the past 20 years.

Down here with Can't Stop Partying?

72 Jacked Up

So addictive - JesseStump

73 Hold Me

Wow no one even knows this song any more.. just amazing song wow

74 California Kids

Why is this so low? Great song and should be in top 10! Makes you feel like you're in California

The chorus gets me every time. should be higher

75 Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori

Great song from the white album and harks back to their classic songs - Jiorl

76 Crab

Not my favorite Weezer song, but the best song off of a relatively mediocre album. It's really a diamond in the rough, but it's truly a great song and I love it to death (though something from Blue Album or Pinkerton would have to win best song). - drecool

77 Unspoken

Good song the chorus is amazing

78 Paperface
79 The British Are Coming

This song completely took me by surprise. I am not kidding when I say this song should be up there with Across the Sea.

80 (Girl We Got A) Good Thing
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