Best Weird Al Yankovic Albums

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1 Straight Outta Lynwood

I believe that Straight Outta Lynwood is his overall best album, tied with Poodle Hat, this one in particular is very underrated.

2 Off the Deep End

It is so hard to pick a favorite. But this one has my heart because of You Don't Love Me Anymore

3 Bad Hair Day
4 In 3-D

ONLY at No. 6?! You guys gotta be kidding me!

5 Poodle Hat

This is Weird Al's funnest album in my opinion, a very playful and creative group of songs, the best songs of this album have to be Hardware Store, Trash Day Angry White Boy Polka, Wanna B your Love, Ode to a Superhero and Genius In France.

Every single song on this album (except maybe Ode To A Superhero) is absolutely amazing. Especially Hardware Store and Genius in France.

6 Alapalooza
7 Dare to Be Stupid
8 Mandatory Fun

Al's last album is one of his best produced albums, from the amazing better than the original "Word Crimes" to the Cat Stevens style twisted 9 minute love ballad, this album is hilarious.

This shoes that weird al still can make amazing parodies after 30+ years! There r great songs like Word Crimes, Tacky, Handy, and even originals like First World Problems

9 Running With Scissors
10 Even Worse

Even Worse is one of his funniest albums, this album is about being fat, having weird dreams, being a lazy songwriter, being literally crazy in love, cloning, Italian food, being a stalker, divorce, obsessing over noveltie items, the board game Twister and last but not least, being a psychopath.

The Contenders

11 "Weird Al" Yankovic Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic is an American singer, songwriter, parodist, record producer, satirist, actor, voice actor, music video director, film producer, and author.

Is this supposed to be every one of his songs? if so this is the best by far.

No, I think they intended to add his self-titled debut album but ended up adding "Weird Al", the man himself, instead. - Gg2000

12 Alpocalypse
13 Polka Party
14 UHF - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Stuff
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