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41 Foil

First one that I ever watched, and been favorite since then. Why is this so far down? I would expect top 5. - Feirceraven

Just when he stops talking about aliens invading earth, he starts talking about his hat made from foil

This is the best on Mandatory Fun. It should be in the in the top 15 at least.

Best Song Ever! 100%

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42 Polka Face

So funny! I'll never get bored of it... Tied with white n' nerdy... P-P-P-POLKA FACE P-P-P-POLKA FACE!

43 Everything You Know Is Wrong

This song is utterly nonsensical, but that's the entire point: I always listen to this when the world around me makes absolutely no sense. The tune of this song is original and catchy, the lyrics are hilarious, and at some point in their lives everyone will be able to relate to this hilarious summary of life's inherent absurdity.

44 Ode to a Superhero

Peter Parker was pitiful, couldn't have been any shyer; and Mary Jane wouldn't notice him, even if his hair was on fire.

45 Livin' In the Fridge

this song is a parody of living on the edge

46 It's All About the Pentiums

When I need a computer insult, this is my database.

47 Weasel Stomping Day

Heard this on Robot Chicken. The sketch was kind of gross but funny. - MJfan119

48 Your Horoscope for Today
49 Trash Day

I just think the lyrics flow the best in this song

50 Pretty Fly for a Rabbi

Surprised this is so low, great song, even though half the people listening to it probably don't get what he's singing about.

51 Jackson Park Express

Personally one of my favorites from his (probably) last album, if not of all-time. The entire song is one of those that will still be relevant even when the songs he parodies fades away. Pretty much sums up his entire career of being "Weird" while showing off his razor-sharp and, at times, morbid wit and sense of humor.

I’ve listened to this one a hundred times and still laugh out loud. So many levels of humor to the song. The man is a genius.

52 Taco Grande
53 Angry White Boy Polka
54 Jerry Springer
55 (This Song's Just) Six Words Long

The original is a good song, but this version is Pop Music in a nutshell. Hilarious.

56 Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White
57 Jurassic Park

When I saw Jurassic World at the theater, the music video actually played before the movie. - Drewman1211

This should be used in the Fallen Kingdom!

This is my favorite out of many - Sabbath

One of the worst

58 When I Was Your Age
59 I Love Rocky Road
60 Bob
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