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1 Jayfeather x Stick

Laugh out loud Jayfeather sad when he broke up with his stick on the fourth apprentice I almost cried. No I didn't. Being in love with a stick is not natural.

Mrs. Stick will be moving to the nursery soon... - Silverfeather

I love Jayfeather but soon they 'broke up'. That was so sad. Oh man, poor Jayfeather.

(when I first read this, I thought it meant the SkyClan Stick guy )
LOL! But it's seriously true!
Jayfeather went crazy when a cat needed his stick (I forgot who, been a while since reading warriors) to get out of the mud!
You know... I wonder how a stick's kitting would be like, just make sure you don't step on it!

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2 Dark Forest x Starclan

Okay, I just had to put this one here! - Silverfeather

Laugh out loud this one is great

Oh wow... I'm speechless

Lol... beautiful ship. A+

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3 Hollyleaf x Warrior Code

Hollyleaf and the warrior code were the true ship. Then Hollyleaf discovered that the code was cheating on her. The code fell in love with Ashfur. Hollyleaf felt betrayed, and killed Ashfur to make the code suffer. Then she fell in love with Fallen leaves. This is the most beautiful love story ever.

She loved it but it was kind of one sided because the Warrior Code only loves Firestar

Hollyleaf does not like to brake the warrior code

Yes. - Warriorcatsfandom

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4 Shadowclan x Windclan

Ha! I thought Shadowclan would rather have WINDCLAN ripped up then mating! Well, I put this post up here about those "two"

Rainstar, smirking

X33 yes just yes

What? So is it just all the cats? Have fun, blackstar.

Lol oposite's go together

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5 Dovewing x Tigerstar

Actually, Dovewing did not get with Tigerstar (as you probably noticed), but she did get with Tigerheart - Tigerstar's grandson - which does make it not expected thing. I did think they were cute though, I ship them completely.

A good cat dove wing and a bad cat tigerstar I don't like this

Dovewing's actually evil. Tigerstar looks like Martin Luther King Junior to Dovewing. - TrueBlueHeroes

I think that when they say Tigerstar, they mean Tigerheart being leader, which could happen in this new series.

How about DovwingxHawkfrost? - Spottedtail

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6 Tigerstar x Scourge

Well, the ship was killed when Scourge kinda killed- nevermind. SHIP IT!

Scrouge: I killed my male lover! Oh no!

Definitely a weird couple.

Oh.. yeah evil times 2 x3

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7 Hawkfrost x Princess

Me telling Firestar: "Hey Firestar your sister is dating a cat who tried to kill you! " His reaction: WHAT?!?!? I thought he was dead?!?!? Brambleclaw you be leader for when I'm gone. I have to visit my sister! "

Hawk frost would die if he was related to firestar and if cloud tail was kind of his kit! But hawk frost would probably die before he married a kitty pet! Hawk frost and princess doing in a raditional

Laugh out loud that would be so funny

love ittt

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8 Clawface x Spottedleaf

O dear! Clawface killed his love! Firestar was so nice to help him die... He can be with Spottedleaf again! - Silverfeather

The battle obsessed Clawface with a pretty young medicine cat. How weird is that? And plus Clawface killed his love. Poor Clawface! Having a dead love! Clawface will have to thank Firestar for killing him so he can be with Spottedleaf again!

Plot Twist: Clawface had a crush on Spottedleaf but she turned him down so he killed her.


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9 Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves

Yeah how is this weird it's super cute how he trusted her and loved her even though he never knew he could truly be her mate. She loved him dearly and so did he then when she ran in the tunnels he gave his own life to help her goo back to the clans I totally ship this couple.

Hollyleaf shouldn't have died... They're really cute together and I love how they're always helping each other out.

It's cute how Fallen Leaves helps her!

Best ship ever

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10 Smudge x Henry

Remember Smudge talking of Henry all the time in the very first book? Smudgy must be obsessed with fat old Henry! - Silverfeather

Shut up before the Cutter comes to get you, like they did to Henry

Yes love this smudge just talked about henry all the time ha

Yes this is my OTP Gay Ship in the Warrior Cats World. - Vixentail

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11 Lionblaze x Mapleshade

Lionblaze loves an evil cat... Who is about to fade away! Poor Lionblaze... - Silverfeather

Lionblaze love a dead evil cat. Seems legit.

Their kits would be awesome. Even though Mapleshade is WAAYY older than him. Seriously.

Mapleshade: The bed is open Lionbae

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12 Cinderheart x Cinderpelt

Beautiful. Since medicine cats can't mate, Cinderpelt has to mate with herself from the future, Cinderheart.

I feel like its saying she only loved herself lol

Lol Cinder and Cinder best couple ever

They're the same person, so selfcest

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13 Scourge x Ashfur

No idea why most of the fandom ships this.

I hate people who like this

YAY! I scrolled through this list just to find this ship!

I don't really like it, but my friend loves it so much?

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14 Longtail x Mousefur

I like this because they were so cute together as elders! Mouse fur was so sad after Longtail died though... (Not Saying how though)

They should've became mates earlier.

This should be a couple, I don't understand how people don't ship it to be honest.


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15 Tigerclaw x Brokentail

In book three Tigerstar ( Tigerclaw then) is sharing tongues with Brokenstar! (there he was called Brokentail) Mates often share tongues with eachother, don´┐Ż't they? - Silverfeather

Ok wait what? What are you talking about? Can't two cats share rouges without being called mates? Uggg

This list is meant for weird, out of the way ships that make no sense, not for logical things. - Warriorcatsfandom

Arnt they both toms well they would have to adopt

Dang... What's better? Tigertail or Brokenclaw? They'd adopt some kit and like corrupt it! Like that weird evil laugh from the movies. WHHAA HA HA HA HA HA
Sorry. Needed that. So I'd imagine Tigerclaw as Mapleshade in Crookedstar's Promise. Just being creepy to Crookedkit...

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16 Scourge x Bluestar

That kind of makes sense because that would be a reason for Scourge to kill Tigerstar cause he'd be like " Its because of you that my mate is dead! "

I love both of these cats And Bluestar did save Scrouge when he was a kit

First of all 'Bluestar did save Scrouge when he was a kit' read scourge please I just love that typo. Second of all this couple is strange but cute.

Lol yeah.

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17 Brokentail x Deathberries

Brokentail's craving for death berries eventually killed him

Damn that's hot

Oh Brokentail loves some good deathberries. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that they were deathberries.
"Deliciou- OH NOOO"

YES! this is just perfect! and so funny!

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18 Breezepelt x Briarlight

Both their mothers cared WAYY too much about them... this pairing would be HILARIOUS.

I seriously thought I was the only one who shipped this!

They'd feel each other's pain

Perfecto. Briarlight feels the pain of her injuries and Breezie the pain of rejection by his father. Only problem: Breezepelt already has a mate and kits. Who are already apprentices. Whatever, cool.

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19 Feathertail x Sharptooth

Yes, I'd just love to ship a domestic cat with with a mountain lion. Totally.

Love your killer, huh?

Feathertail loving the mountain lion that killed her. Typical love.

NO! I just read that part in the book! NOT FUNNY! I cried! This is STUPID!

Sorry for the tantrum..

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20 Scourge x Cinderpelt

Yeah and they would be a funny duo because Scourge kills and Cinderpelt heals

This is so cute! Kind of like a beauty and the beast type of shipping

For some reason I ship this... Just because I think there good together they both where neglected one by her love the other by his siblings. Puurrfect!

I just think Scourge needs some love.

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