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1 Jayfeather x Stick

Jayfeather, stick, when are the stick kits coming? - Nightkillo

It's adorable I mean like why not.

I almost cried when he broke it lol. love jayfeather and his grumpiness!

Lol if he loves it so much why did he break it? Its amazing though

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2 Dark Forest x Starclan

Be careful, I have read a fanfic on this. Trust me. It wasn't worth it.
It was a lemons

Oh, look! Here comes Starclan! She always was a nice girl, till she mated Dark Forest. Has the kit been born yet? Yes, it has? Who is it? Oh, a whole litter? Of who? Really?!?!? So that's why he blinded Longtail... He got it from his father. Well, frick that rabbit. I don't care he's Starclan's son.

How? this is a mirical! - HollyLeaf99

Okay, I just had to put this one here! - Silverfeather

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3 Hollyleaf x Warrior Code

Hollyleaf priority is to obey the warrior code. Or should I say dump fallen leaves and marry the warrior code and have kits in starclan.

"As Hollyleaf sat down beside the warrior code, her heart started to beat and flutter. The warrior code turned it's head and looked at her. It's eyes sparkled with something Hollyleaf had never seen before. As her heartbeat started to race faster and faster, she finally realized that what she was feeling was love."

Oml, this is so true, she lived for the Warrior code
I've never seen a better ship besides Cloudtail X Briarheart...

Yes *claps* Yes

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4 Shadowclan x Windclan

LOL! - HollyLeaf99

Ha! I thought Shadowclan would rather have WINDCLAN ripped up then mating! Well, I put this post up here about those "two"

Rainstar, smirking

What? So is it just all the cats? Have fun, blackstar.

X33 yes just yes

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5 Dovewing x Tigerstar

Tigerheart is the new Tigerstar.

I like how this choice was made as a joke before Tigerheart’s Shadow came out, but it actually became canon in a slightly unexpected way.

They're mates people. Also, Tigerstar came back for Dovewing in Tigerheart's Shadow, and it was so cute! They even had kits and I loved the story! Honestly the book was just a ship book. Lol

Actually, Dovewing did not get with Tigerstar (as you probably noticed), but she did get with Tigerheart - Tigerstar's grandson - which does make it not expected thing. I did think they were cute though, I ship them completely.

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6 Tigerstar x Scourge

I'm super happy this ship got on the list! SHIP IT ALL THE WAY!

! So funny! - HollyLeaf99

Scrouge: I killed my male lover! Oh no!

Well, the ship was killed when Scourge kinda killed- nevermind. SHIP IT!

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7 Hawkfrost x Princess

Fire Star: How could you Princess How!? - HollyLeaf99

Me telling Firestar: "Hey Firestar your sister is dating a cat who tried to kill you! " His reaction: WHAT?!?!? I thought he was dead?!?!? Brambleclaw you be leader for when I'm gone. I have to visit my sister! "

...I really don't know what to say...

If firestar found out he will either die or kill princess or hawkfrost.most likely hawkfrost.

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8 Clawface x Spottedleaf

Spottedleaf:i'm gonna break the code

How sad he killed her. Spottedleaf better look out-ammyous

No, no, no! He killed one of the best characters in the books! Why would you do such a thing?! by the way She belongs with Firestar!

O dear! Clawface killed his love! Firestar was so nice to help him die... He can be with Spottedleaf again! - Silverfeather

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9 Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves

Yas I LOVE this ship! Now I want to know what their kits would look like.

On the warriors website, apparently they mates? but it makes sense.

This is actually a real ship. GOOGLE IT! *clears throat* Ehem. Sorry. Google just makes me a little aggressive. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite


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10 Cinderheart x Cinderpelt

Wait what? But Cinderheart is Cinderpelt reincarnated! How is this possible? I have lots of questions... - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

Yes just yes very lovely


Cinder is too cool for other cats

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11 Smudge x Henry

Remember Smudge talking of Henry all the time in the very first book? Smudgy must be obsessed with fat old Henry! - Silverfeather

Who's henry

Shut up before the Cutter comes to get you, like they did to Henry

Yes love this smudge just talked about henry all the time ha

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12 Longtail x Mousefur

Okay, first of all, frick all of these other ships. This is the only one that makes sense... Longtail becomes so close to Mousefur in The New Prophecy and Power of Three. Longtail gets so hyped up when Mousefur is the slightest bit ill... It's so cute! Screw the other ships! This is one of the best "non-couple-ship" the Warriors series has to offer!

I'm so soft for this ship it's not even funny! Longtail straight up ran back into a den in the middle of chaos just to get a mouse the Mousefur was fussing over. He died for her, and I love them so much.

This is the only ship that makes sense...

This is adorable. Screw off Perdy!

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13 Lionblaze x Mapleshade

Lionblaze loves an evil cat... Who is about to fade away! Poor Lionblaze... - Silverfeather

Lionblaze love a dead evil cat. Seems legit.

Their kits would be awesome. Even though Mapleshade is WAAYY older than him. Seriously.

Mapleshade: The bed is open Lionbae

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14 Scourge x Ashfur

I really like Scouge and Ashfur but I don't know if ashfur is a boy or girl

I really hate this couple

Why people whyy

The fandom ships it because they both wanted revenge

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15 Jayfeather x Briarlight

Yes! But Jayfeather has a very complicated love life. First, he fell in love with Stick. Then he traveled back in time and loved Half Moon. Then he traveled back and broke up with her, then broke up with Stick. And then he loved Briarlight, and then she died and he broke up with her. Poor Jayfeather. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

I SHIP IT! When I first saw this ship I was so excited that someone actually realized that they were MEANT TO BE!

This ship is my jam.

There something I like about this. I found a pic and Jayfeather said "I'll be your legs."And briarlight said "I'll be your your eyes" I found it super cute and I love this ship

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16 Brokentail x Deathberries

Gather round kids! Let me tell you the tragic tale of Brokenstar and his beloved deathberries...
Brokenstar met Deathberries when he became the new, fearsome leader of ShadowClan. However much he was terrifying, he did not frighten the bold Deathberries when he met her on an independent hunting patrol, oh heck he didn't! Brokenstar talked to Deathberries for a while and decided her to be charming and sweet. And so Brokenstar was in love. With Deathberries. He continued to meet up with her every 2 days or so, each time growing more and more attached to her. He didn't tell anyone though, not Yellowfang, not Lizardstripe, not Sagewhisker, no one! They wouldn't respect him and he grew as fearful of losing his powerful reputation as much he loved Deathberries, therefore he became merciless, evil and villainous on the outside. He trusted Deathberries so he told her of what a monster he had become, despite the fact he was fearful she would leave him for it. When Deathberries heard of it ...more

Yes just yes

Seriously? You just copied my story

Brokentail's craving for death berries eventually killed him

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17 Firestar x Graystripe

Love this one!

I shipped them in into the wild lmao


I shiped this when both met

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18 Jake x Tallstar

I love this and I don't know why but it's fabulous

I love this ship!

(I haven't read it yet)

This is a actual couple though

Yes! They were meant to be!

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19 Ivypool x Hawkfrost

This is so cute to me! If Hawkfrost and ivy pool were the same age it would be really cute! But the question is what would their kits look like?

Such a cute couple though :c

I love this couple

I love this one

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20 Tigerclaw x Brokentail

In book three Tigerstar ( Tigerclaw then) is sharing tongues with Brokenstar! (there he was called Brokentail) Mates often share tongues with eachother, don�'t they? - Silverfeather

This is THE worst ship I have ever seen

Ok wait what? What are you talking about? Can't two cats share rouges without being called mates? Uggg

This list is meant for weird, out of the way ships that make no sense, not for logical things. - Warriorcatsfandom

Arnt they both toms well they would have to adopt

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21 Scourge x Cinderpelt

Best Ship EVA!


Yeah and they would be a funny duo because Scourge kills and Cinderpelt heals

This is so cute! Kind of like a beauty and the beast type of shipping

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22 Scourge x Bluestar

That kind of makes sense because that would be a reason for Scourge to kill Tigerstar cause he'd be like " Its because of you that my mate is dead! "

I love both of these cats And Bluestar did save Scrouge when he was a kit

First of all 'Bluestar did save Scrouge when he was a kit' read scourge please I just love that typo. Second of all this couple is strange but cute.

LOL I wrote a fanfic about them once... they are cute together doe... Google them ah

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23 Tigerstar x Bogeyman


totally - rainshine



24 Feathertail x Sharptooth


Yes, I'd just love to ship a domestic cat with with a mountain lion. Totally.

Love your killer, huh?

Feathertail loving the mountain lion that killed her. Typical love.

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25 Ravenpaw x Barley

They are so cute together

How are they weird? Are you against gay marriage? - Lilycat14192

Plus Fun Fact: This is now a confirmed couple - Lilycat14192

I think I heard from somewhere Vicky said they were going to consider making them a couple.

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26 Breezepelt x Briarlight

Both their mothers cared WAYY too much about them... this pairing would be HILARIOUS.

I seriously thought I was the only one who shipped this!

They'd feel each other's pain

Perfecto. Briarlight feels the pain of her injuries and Breezie the pain of rejection by his father. Only problem: Breezepelt already has a mate and kits. Who are already apprentices. Whatever, cool.

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27 Brightheart x Swiftpaw

Cuties swiftpaw is ADORABLE and Brightheart is CUTE!

I cried when Swiftpaw died.. Brightheart and Swiftpaw would've been a great couple

Brightheart was the only one who volunteered to go with Swiftpaw, because she wanted to protect him. I wish this was a real ship.

Honestly this is kinda weird. Cloudtail, however, always liked brightheart even before her "accident". They were always following each other around and even firestar was like, "oh I remember when I was an innocent apprentice like them" swiftpaw and brightheart is cute and all, but CloudtailxBrightheart will always be my OTP.

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28 Longtail x Rabbit

ha ha ha

Rabbit is so beautiful, he blinds longtail

to funny

Wow, just wow

29 Smudge x Princess

Cloudtail's father is Oliver. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

Actually, I kind of think that this might be canon ( Smudge + PrIncess = Cloudtail)

Smudge can't be Cloudtail's father, as he was neutered in 'Into the Wild.' However, I do believe that they were close.

Below, it was confirmed Smudge was not the biological father of Cloudtail by one of the writers.

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30 Spottedleaf x Ravenpaw

MY favorite CHARACTERS TOGETHER! Some of kit name options:


This would be weird because ravenpaw left then spottedleaf died then starclan and all the other clans left ravenpaw and barley behind to go to their new home it would also be weird because he stayed a apprentice and she was in starclan. If it actuly happened it would be kinda scary...

I think they will look cute together

Lol no wonder firepaw/star left raven at the barn

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31 Millie x Silverstream

When Greystripe goes to StarClan who is he going to chose: Silverstream or Millie?

In Star clan they just fight over graystripe haha!

Gee. They kill Spottedleaf twice so Firestar wouldn't have to choose. Are they going to kill Silverstream twice too?

Don't they hate each other... ?

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32 Ivypool x Foxleap

Honestly I ship this the most I mean, just think of their kits!

Does anyone know that foxleap is lovypool’s uncle though?

I think they would make an awesome couple! They would be so cute together.

I actually really like this couple! Too bad Foxleap died though

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33 Jayfeather & Willowshine

Willowshine is a calm, kind cat who can help tame Jayfeather's rough exterior to get to the sweetie we all know is there.

Pretty much my favorite ship! 😁

I ship Jayfeather with Briarlight sooo no

Hahaaa! It was a close tie with This and Hollyleaf x The warrior code for me, but I had to choose this! They HATE each other! Don’t hate me of I think that this is funny, I just do

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34 Jayfeather x Leafpool

Bruh, come on, seriously?!

People are messed up. - Lilycat14192

They are mother and son. Then again, this is warriors, and pretty much they are all related.

I have the same theory as the first comment and he would be freaked out by it!

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35 Sol x Purdy

No, I ship Sol x Hollyleaf (SolLeaf)


36 Mosskit x Snow

what lol


That's just rude! :P - Talljake

So one day, bluefur was taking mosskit out into the snow.mosskit fell in love with the snow, but she thought it
was to cold.So the snow killed her, and then she was in starclan. when she is in starclan, the ice did't feel cold, sothey lived together happily ever after.

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37 Stormfur x Midnight

Poor Brook. Dumped for an elderly badger

OK. A cat with a badger. That must be funny! - Silverfeather

I think some Kits will be scared when they see a Badger on the Nursery. - cassiabez

I think some LEADERS will be scared when they see a badger in the nursery. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

SPOILER ALERT- Rock and Midnight have existed ever since the beginning of time. Midnight is merely a wisp of a spirit.

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38 Bluestar x Firestar

This couple is the worst! Who would ship blatant pedophilia?

Just making opinions people don't take it seriously
But for me they would have a awesome couple
I know Bluestar had Oakheart and Firestar had Sandstorm though

Little do the people that ship this know.. they are related

39 Tigerstar x Spottedleaf

I'm disgusted (they're also related)

I like that. is that weird? - rainshine

Yeah I kind of like that couple...

I don't know why I like it, but I do.

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40 Mapleshade x Tigerstar

Hmm, let me just think about this one... YES YES 100% YES! - ILuv2ReadAndWrite


Ooh I have an idea. I'm going to create a fanfiction where they fall in love in DF and have a kit, and the kit has to grow up in DF. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

I ship it!
they were ment for each other!

well to OC land we go!

_ willowbranch of mountainclan.

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41 Tigerstar x Ravenpaw

This is funny because ravenpaw left thunderclan because of tigerstar!

Haha it would be funny if they mated because ravenpaw left thunderclan because of tigerstar

Love that ship

This is beautiful.


Us: we ship it

42 Rock x Midnight

When I first saw this I forgot about Rock the character and I thought this ment an actual rock

They like were always together but a blind hairless cat with a star gazing badger



The two were seen together in the last book in the end both are old... And creepy... MUST SHIP!
-Randomn Kitty >:33

43 Tigerstar x Firestar

I mean, Firestar actually was shocked that Tigerstar died in a miserable way.

It's a cute ship

Enemyship :3 just. Think of it, firestar didn't kill tigerstar and he did not yell"YIPPY! " After his death by scourge but kept quiet and then they both died in the last hope so...

I ship it like FeDex.

44 Firestar x Bramblestar

I love this and it is one of my OTPs!

45 Vicky x Cherith

NOO! LOL - rainshine


46 Rusty x Smudge

YAS I ship it!

47 Firestar x Scourge

I'm all for random ships, but their half brothers, so it's pretty messed up. Oh who cares! I ship it! - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

I mean come on.. They're half brothers!

1. They are BROTHERS!
2. They are enemies
3. Firestar killed Scourge

48 Bluestar x Whitestorm

All of the cat's are related. who cares? there are so many couples in there that are related! - rainshine

B-but whitestorm is bluestar's nephew


You know that's her nephew right?

She's his aunt people, get real.

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49 Scourge x Sandstorm

If this happened Firestar would be like "Get off shes mine! " then kill scourge

Sandstorm is cool and I. Really don't mind toms fighting over her

This is so weird I ship scourge x cinderpelt

Wow this would be - Leaftail

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50 Mapleshade x Hawkfrost

I said this on the Mapleshade x Tigerstar one too, but I'm also gonna create a fanfiction where Mapleshade and Hawkfrost have a kit in DF, and the kit has to grow up there. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

Best ship ever. Evil and Evil. But both, in my opinion had no idea exactly what they were doing

Hawkfrost and Mapleshade are probably gonna die together. Again. And who’s to say thousands of days in a dark, romantic forest didn’t work out for them. Of Scourge X Firestar is a thing then...

I thought they went together purrfectly
Since they are both evil

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