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41 Firestar x Scourge

I mean come on.. They're half brothers!

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42 Rock x Midnight

They like were always together but a blind hairless cat with a star gazing badger


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43 Mapleshade x Hawkfrost

Best ship ever. Evil and Evil. But both, in my opinion had no idea exactly what they were doing

Hawkfrost and Mapleshade are probably gonna die together. Again. And who’s to say thousands of days in a dark, romantic forest didn’t work out for them. Of Scourge X Firestar is a thing then...

I thought they went together purrfectly
Since they are both evil

44 Tigerstar x Firestar

I mean, Firestar actually was shocked that Tigerstar died in a miserable way.

Enemyship :3 just. Think of it, firestar didn't kill tigerstar and he did not yell"YIPPY! " After his death by scourge but kept quiet and then they both died in the last hope so...

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45 Hollyleaf x Scourge

It makes scence scourge killed tigerstar and hollyleaf would thank him for that because she deeply likes the warrior code and tigerstar broke it more than once

*facepalm* Age gap


Yes I like it :3

46 Tigerstar x Cinderpelt

Didn't he always feel bad for what happened to her?

47 Mapleshade x Tigerstar

I like because they are born in the DF, they became evil, etc. I think if Mapleshade could tell Tigerstar her secret past and Tigerstar his under well.. The DF non-existent star.. It would be Evilfully Purrfect. I don't bkizer I spelled that right.. Oh well. :P ~Echostar


48 Ravenpaw x Barley

I think I heard from somewhere Vicky said they were going to consider making them a couple.

This is basically canon now. They're so cute together! This is one of my favorite pairings.

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49 Oakheart x Redtail

They are pure enemies, nothing more.

50 Ravenpaw x Princess

Aww their kits would be so cute! Ravenpaw could take them to his barn so they wouldn't be given away and Princess could come too! Imagine her lying on a pile of hay with her sleeping kits around her with Ravenpaw bringing her mice! SO CUTE!


51 Leafpool x Ravenpaw

Even though Raven x sand will always be my otp, this is pretty good!

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52 Squirrelflight x Henry
53 Firestar x Bramblestar
54 Squirrelflight x Sootfur

They're so cute together! Get over all the drama with Bramble and Ashfur Squirrelflight; take a mate who doesn't fight...

55 Spottedleaf x Thistleclaw

Their relationship was so cute in Spottedleaf's Heart. Much better than SnowXThistle. - RisingMoon

56 Mosskit x Snow

That's just rude! :P - Talljake

57 Firestar x Graystripe

They both have mates... So what? S H I P S

58 Crowfeather x Breezepelt

*smacks self for this*

They are enimeis let alone father and son

Okay,okay,okay...This is getting too far! - cassiabez

So much INCEST

59 Tigerstar x Leopardstar

Imagine them having kits one of them looking like Tigerstar with spots and stripes.

It was said in the guidebook that Leopardstar wants to be mates with Tigerstar! O3o

Hey, I thought Leopard had an awful crush on Tigerstar! It would be fun if they were in the same clans and they have kits! MWAHAHAA! That's just so stupid...

I liek it

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60 Hawkfrost x Squirrelflight

Yes I love that couple too

I love that couple

[bramble goes on computer]
[bramble see's this]
bramble-OH HEEL NO
[kills computar]

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