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81 Tigerstar x Daisy

Good luck, this will never happen...

Tigerstar and the beautiful kitty pet daisy sitting in a tree k-I_s-s-I-n-g=kissing! The tough tigerstar and the soft kitty pet daisy! Haha!

82 Tawnypelt x Purdy
83 Clear Sky x LillyKit

This is probably one of the largest age gaps I've seen so far

*sighs* Now I begin to wonder what the world has come of.

A newborn kit in love with one of the oldest, most, power-hungry StarClan/Dark Forest cats!

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84 Tigerstar x Flowerstar

I love the possibility of that couple!

85 Stormfur x Tawnypelt

I love journey shipping! The name is great, and this is one of my OTPs!

JourneyShippinng! Comment other ship names for them!

86 Longtail x Deadtree

The deadtree fell in love with longtail. It hurt though

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87 Scourge x Hailey Moore V 1 Comment
88 Tigerstar x Ivypool

I've seen a bunch of people ship Ivypool with Hawkfrost, so why not Tigerstar?

89 Crag x Dovewing
90 Scourge x Firestar
91 Blackstar X Tawnypelt
92 Brooke x Mountains

Just saying her name is "Brook Where Small Fish Swim" Not "Brooke" - cassiabez

Yep. A cat loves a landform. Well, we have a cat with a lump of wood(actually, two! ) and a cat in love with a concept on this list so WHY THE HECK NOT!? Let's go crazy!

Well she did go back to them
I do kind of feel bad for Stormfur now
Now he is free to be with Midnight though

93 Dovewing x Mapleshade
94 Brakenfur x Hazeltail
95 Rock x Jayfeather

That's probably why they're always in the tunnels...

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96 Leafpool x Hollyleaf

Hollyleaf wouuldn't break the Warrior Code becoming a Medine Cat's mate especially with her own mother - cassiabez

Not saying I'm against it AT ALL, but why are the majority of warrior couples G X G and B X B?

97 Maggottail x Onefeet

Who the heck is Onefeet? It reminds me of Happy Feet though...

Maggots now have tails and seriously... Onefeet?

I love my one feet I have.


98 Willowpelt x Onestar
99 Silkyfur x Ravenpaw
100 Reedwhisker x Galaxypelt V 3 Comments
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