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21 Lil Eazy E
22 WC

Westside Connections member WC has shown some of the charactaristics we miss in Biggie Smalls but can put his own origional westcoast spin on the tracks. One of the best westcoast rappers around. - UnEtH

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23 Schoolboy Q

Blank face is already a classic

Man of The year is a dope song

Repping the west coast on a whole new level

24 Macklemore Macklemore Ben Haggerty, known by his stage name Macklemore and formerly Professor Macklemore, is an American singer and songwriter from Seattle, Washington.

Can make you cry if he wants to and can make you laugh reminds me of the best rapper ever Eminem

25 YG YG

YG brought the west coast back

Ok I'm not feeling your list anymore at all

26 Mac Dre Mac Dre

The realest mc of them all!

This must be an honest to god joke that he is not in the top ten. going back to the bay, rest in peace Mac Dre - Terroredneck


The Cuddi aka Thizzelle Washington was and still is a Bay Area Legend. he is way way way too low on this lamestream list.

27 Mack 10 V 1 Comment
28 Shock G

When it comes to talent in beats,rhythm, and rap flow shock g is your masta rappa.

29 Nate Dogg Nate Dogg Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, better known by his stage name Nate Dogg, was an American rapper, singer, and actor. He was known as one of the pioneers of West Coast hip hop. He was noted for his membership in rap trio 213 and his solo career in which he collaborated with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Warren G, Tupac Shakur, more.

Really underrated he should be in the top ten easily

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30 B-Real B-Real V 1 Comment
31 Gift of Gab

The craft right on

32 Nipsey Hussle V 1 Comment
33 Hopsin Hopsin Marcus Jamal Hopson, better known by his stage name Hopsin, is an American rapper, record producer, director and actor from Los Angeles, California.

"Hopsin is the best west coast rapper he should be on top"

This guy could beat 2pac like Eminem beats weezy. WESTSIDE

34 MC Hammer
35 Lady of Rage

Lil Kim can move aside, the best female of rap is straight out of the westside. She has the baddest flow and can rip shreads of the majority of guys in the rap industry today. - UnEtH

36 Paris
37 DJ Quik

-_- do you guys know west? Listen to some Dj Quik. You may have heard some of the songs and just didn't know who they were bye! I really suggest you listen to some Dj Quik.

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38 Kid Ink Kid Ink

He's something different I like his music he mixes it up and his songs are catchy and in

39 Neilan aka Reaper
40 Twisted Insane

His speed makes him the fastest westsider and one of the best he should be no.5 or 10

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