Best Westerns of All Time


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41 Bad Girls
42 Hondo
43 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
44 Rooster Cogburn
45 High Plains Drifter

A classic Clint Eastwood film - plmilligan1968

46 My Name is Nobody

I have watched that movie in with my father and the movie is amazing - mc113

47 The Proposition
48 Rio Bravo

I and my friend Chris love this movie and give our vote for it. It's got everything - pretty woman, villains, heroes and great music, all of these elements put into a nice story.

Best Western Ever, like The Avengers of Westerns - Leoda1234

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49 Wild Wild West

A very under-rated steampunk film. Will Smith is very funny in this movie.

50 The Big Country
51 The Shootist
52 Cowboys & Aliens
53 Fort Apache
54 The Great Silence

One of the grittiest, most pessimistic, unfair and anti-climatic movies of all time. You wait for the light of hope to come every minute... you know that in western movies there are heroes, sometimes anti-heroes that will in the end save the day. Maybe good side characters get killed, but in the end the good guys win and the bad guys lose. They do, right? Right? - Martin_Canine

55 How the West Was Won

A great story with very good actors

56 Open Range
57 Chism

Another great John Wayne movie portraying John Chism, he runs into William Boney "Billy the Kid" and a fantastic score to make this a definite top ten. - ProThrowbacks

58 The War Wagon
59 Dead Man
60 McCabe and Mrs. Miller
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