Best While She Sleeps Songs

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1 Silence Speaks

Great song. Love the sounds the guitars make.

Chorus is the best part of this song

Incredible song...

Best song ever - EvilAngel

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2 Four Walls

Everybody dies with a debt. We all die for a life that we fear we will only forget. Or confess to a God that we know we only hear in ourselves.

Absolutely incredible, relentless song. - EvilAngel

3 Seven Hills

Fantastic song. The intro to Love At War is epic too. - EvilAngel

Seven hills is better

This is the best, put it in 1st place

This is a great song. Right beside our courage our cancer I can't believe the last one didn't even make it on the list. It's a shamd

4 This Is the Six
5 New World Torture
6 Our Legacy

What the hell guys this is the best song ever by them

Awesome intro!

7 You are We
8 Our Courage, Our Cancer

What the hell dudes, vote for this hm?

Awesome intro, great concept

How is this not higher?

Brst song

9 Be(Lie)ve

Awesome song. The original version was better than the one on, 'This Is The Six' but both versions are great.

10 Dead Behind the Eyes

I do not disagree with the top songs because with this band I can't tell, they're great, but I'm currently on this song & so voting for it

The Contenders

11 Steal the Sun
12 Crows
13 The North Stands for Nothing
14 Life In Tension
15 Death Toll

Best horror intro ever

16 Brainwashed

This should be in the top ten

17 Love at War
18 My Conscience, Your Freedom
19 Hearts Aside Our Horses
20 Feel
21 Proud of the Demon in Me
22 Hurricane
23 False Freedom
24 Trophies of Violence

Absolutely insane. Masterpiece

25 Modern Minds
26 Empire of Silence
27 Until the Death
28 Trophies
29 The Plague of a New Age
30 Satisfied in Suffering
31 Torment
32 Method in Madness
33 Civil Isolation
34 Revolt
35 Wide Awake

Amazing song with a lot of different sounds. Also deep and relevant socio-political lyrics

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