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61 Froggy Fresh

Easily the best white rapper ever to hit the scene, the sick rhymes he spits cannot be contested!

I think he funny and the best rapper ever

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62 Eyedea

At age 14, he could already rap better than a lot of the rappers on this list. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself.

Even shadows have shadows. enough said!

63 Mac Lethal

Really good

You the best

64 Vinnie Paz

I can't believe vinnie Paz is below vanilla ice after the albums this great lyricist has produced, mockery

Vinnie has some of the best lyrics in the game

65 360

Best Australian rapper out there

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66 Caskey

By far one of the best. His music is constantly on replay. Lots of bass. Real life scenarios. This guy is gonna be big. NEVER SLOW DOWN.

People been sleeping on Caskey tooo long. Already got 5 albums out and all of then are great.. He's staying true to the rap game, Period. Stop sleeping and start listening.

Caskey is a great rapper. Should be rated higher. He has great videos. awesome car subwoofer freindly music.

67 Ad-Rock V 1 Comment
68 Bubba Sparxxx

He is in my top 5 after Eminem and Yelawolf.

69 Denace

I think "farewell" is the best rap music in all of the world

People should give some credit to Deance! He is a lot better than 95% of today's rappers and deserves to go big!

70 Plan B

Stupid name for a rapper

71 Example

He supposed to be in the first or second place

He's supposed to be in top 10

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72 Professor Green
73 Ninja (Die Antwoord)

Sick rapper with great flow and greater raps, both vocalists are amazing rap artists

74 Sammy Adams

People act like he wasn't co signed by some of the most respectable people in the industry, has worked a lot with producers like Pharrell and Vinylz, and also many forget that his debut EP album went platinum on an independent label. Thumbs up for bostons boy

75 Kreayshawn
76 Spose

This guy is amazing. Everyone knows the old song I'm Awesome. But no one knows who made it. THIS GUY DID

Spose is a great lyricist and collaborator with some of my fave hip hop artists

How could Spose not be here? He raps about real stuff and is dope.


77 Shaggy 2 Dope
78 Grynch
79 Tonedeff
80 Jake Miller Jake Miller Jacob Harris "Jake" Miller is an American pop rapper, singer and songwriter from Weston, Florida, United States.

Why is he not on the list

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