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81 Tonedeff
82 Jake Miller Jake Miller Jacob Harris "Jake" Miller is an American pop rapper, singer and songwriter from Weston, Florida, United States.

Why is he not on the list

83 Urbs
84 Jamie Madrox

More violent and real then Eminem can be and coming from the best rap group Twiztid he should be above Eminem. - KMJ

85 Fort Minor
86 Classified
87 MiilkBone

Not sure how this guy could not be on everyone's list. The white guy out of New Jersey...

Not the best white rapper, but still, why is he so low! "the Miikrate" is amazing!

88 Tedy Andreas
89 Dan Bull Dan Bull Daniel G. L. "Dan" Bull is an English rapper and songwriter known best for his raps about video games, which he publishes on his YouTube channel, DBGames. V 1 Comment
90 Bushido Bushido Anis Mohammed Yousef Ferchichi, better known by his stage name Bushido, is a German rapper and music producer of Tunisian descent born on September 28, 1978 in Bonn, though usually being associated with Berlin where he lives. more.
91 Sage Francis

Are you people crazy? Sage Francis is easily top 10. Tells a story with his words, and doesn't sound elitist while opening up his vocabulary. An absolute monster with pen and paper.

92 Chris Palko
93 Prevail
94 Mike Ladd
95 Vanilla Ice Vanilla Ice Robert Matthew Van Winkle, known by his stage name, Vanilla Ice, is an American rapper, actor and television host.

Hw Was just hated for being White check out his album Mind Blowin

Vanilla ice is like us tin biker before justin biber so he sucks

96 Cage

"Movies For The Blind". 'enough said.

V 1 Comment
97 Dappy
98 T Mills

Travis Mills T mills T milli T million like come on

99 Asher Roth
100 Snow tha Product
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