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41 Take, Take, Take

The best song that has ever been written!

42 The Big Three Killed My Baby

I don't know why all these songs from their first album are down at the bottom. This was their rawest album, pure white stripes.

43 Stop Breaking Down
44 Screwdriver

For those who play guitar, this song is so fun to play. The riff is badass. And the way he builds on the repeated line "Gotta little feeling going' now". Jesus Christ, good as it gets folks.

The riff cuts into you like you're a fresh ham and pulls you in with its hook. You know it's b8 but you love it anyway.

I'm chosing This Just because of the AMAZING GUITAR RIFF!

45 In the Cold, Cold Night

Best White Stripes song ever! Love the vocals!

46 This Protector
47 You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)

It's a catchy song, I'm surprised it's not already on here. It's quite comical and I can listen to the whole song without getting annoyed

48 Well It's True That We Love One Another

Great tune, why no love? Come on people, listen to it!

49 You've Got Her In Your Pocket

This song is simply amazing. The message of obsession hits when the notes get dark. The concept is immaculate. You've got to be joking

It may be a little bit slower and calmer than the other songs but just listen to it. It's great.

50 Red Rain

Seven Nation Army is the most popular song but this song is unique and awesome

51 Do

Can't believe this one doesn't have more votes. Great sound, amazing lyrics.

This is the song that got them famous. Unreal

52 Little Ghost

Childlike song and Meg vocals shines

Wow 47. With man, this song is amazing

Paranorman. Also REALLY catchy and fun. - BronySyndrome

53 Cannon

This song is just pure power. The riff feels absolutely apocalyptic, the simple drumming just works so well with the riff, John the Revelator cools your soul down only a little before you resume your headbang, and that solo blows your head off.

How is this 57? This is a masterpiece!

How is this only 48? O.o

54 I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart

Seriously, number 63? Incredible - belongs in top 10

Most underrated White Stripes song.

55 Little Acorns

Love this song! Severely underrated, and I love the transition between the narration and the main song.

Completely underrated song. I love the introduction narration and everything about this song!

56 Jimmy the Exploder

MUST be a top 10. Can you believe putting on the first track of the first White Stripes album EVER and hearing this?!?!?! Green apples.. Such a BIG sound.

Such a great opening song to their debut album! The main lick is so tasteful and awesome. Should be in the top 10!

First song on their debut, perfectly portrays them.

57 Broken Bricks
58 I'm Lonely (But I Ain't that Lonely Yet)

Awesome song! Great piano by the Great Jack White!

59 Black Jack Davey
60 Sister, Do You Know My Name?
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