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21 Unnerving

Really underrated song, it is musically and lyrically amazing amazing

22 Somatically Incorrect
23 Daemon V 1 Comment
24 Death Becomes Him

Instrumental masterpiece!

Best instrumental ever

Slow death melody...
Very enjoyable

25 Breeding Violence V 1 Comment
26 Diggs Road

Epic, instant classic, slow, melodic, heavy, and down right bad ass, the solos are eerily in tune with the song and Bozeman delivers the emotions of a person dealing with life and death

Should be higher on the list. The best song on Our Endless War.

So much emotion in the vocals and lyrics, + superb guitar playing and instrumentals.
Their best hands down!

27 End of Flesh

Just an over all great song. It combines all of Whitechapel's elements perfectly.

Brilliant song, expected it to be ranked higher.

This song has so much variety and probably one of the most brutal breakdowns, allmost headbanged in the bus when I heard it the first time

28 Section 8
29 Single File to Dehumanization
30 Let Me Burn

How is it this low. Has pure emotion and raw energy. Must be voted higher.

31 Bring Me Home

Best song ever in my opinion. It has a sad vibe but Phil's clean vocals are awesome. At least in the top ten if not number 1!

32 Of Legions V 1 Comment
33 Reprogrammed to Hate

My personal favorite its one of those songs where every instrument shines including gabes bass I especially love Chinos vocals towards the end

34 Mono
35 The Night Remains
36 Elitist Ones
37 Dead Silence

This should be right up there with the top 5. Its just as good as I, Dementia, probably even better

38 Necromechanical

This would be the song I show to someone to get them into Whitechapel. It's an absolutely amazing song I have no clue why this is not in the top ten. It really shows off Phil's impressive gutterals, and hell it has a solo in a deathcore song.

39 Fall of the Hypocrites

Last song from "our endless war" good squeals

It's a really good song in every way.

40 Devolver
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