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1 I Will Always Love You

No wonder why it is the most successful song of all time by a female

This song is Whitney's trading card/sign. She showed perfect and very emotional vocal - Alexandr

The most beautiful song from the beautiful woman.

Just... iconic! - TiffanyHwang

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2 I Have Nothing

This is the best followed closely by "I will always love you"

Her best song, by far. An amazing performance by one of the loveliest, if not the loveliest voices of all time.

Whitney's best song, without a doubt. This should definitely be in the top 3 because it has a great tune, fantastic lyrics and only few people can do decent renditions of it. Pity it is so underrated.

It's an emocional and powerful song, so many feelings are into this song.

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3 Greatest Love of All

Touching. And it transcends through time. Vocals is incredible, as usual.

This song got me through a lot. I loved you girl. RIP and God love on you now and forever. Melissa in Austin tx.

I feel this song speaks to the greatest audience, from the very young to the very old. Great love is timeless.

No only is this a beautiful song by a beautiful lady, but its message is tremendously profund and inspiring. Every person on earth should take its message to heart.

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4 I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)

One of Whitney's best and most memorable songs to date. Fantastic vocal, beat, lyrics, video. I adore this woman - Goddess of Voice! - Irina2932

One of the best Whitney songs ever. Great lyrics, sound, voice, video... great everything. Whitney is phenomenal artist - Irina2932

I had always heard of Whitney's legacy but never had a chance to hear her beautiful songs. Recently when I listened to it, I couldn't listen to anything else. It is so beautiful, amazing and Whitney's voice is tremendously soothing. It makes me cry every time I hear the part,"And I wish you joy and happiness/But above all this I wish you love". No doubt she's one of the greatest female singer of all time.

This and I Will Always Love You are in my opinion her best songs.

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5 How Will I Know

Just like 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' this beautiful & catchy track marked Whitney as versatile artist. In the 80's she sang not only powerful ballads but very cool disco/dance tracks. I adore 'How Will I Know'. I still listen to it over and over again

R.I.P. the Queen of Voice Whitney Houston! - Irina2932

One of her most amazing songs! It's a song any woman can relate to whose in love with a man but doesn't know if he feels the same way... She was and always will be amazing

Beautiful song and very catchy one, the beautiful thing about this song is her voice and the video.

I love her range here.

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6 Saving All My Love for You

One of Whitney's oldest songs, but I hate to say this: This song should be top 1 too in this list. It is known to be the "best romantic song ever by a female artist". A jazzy inspiring and heart-embracing song, with lyrics that show what love is, even when its done by cheating. Here is how is begins : "A few stolen moments is all that we share, you've got your family and they need you there".

Great beat, great melody, great feel... I just loove this song so much! :) I used to sing it ever since I was so little and I still do!

I think this song is her best, However, I LOVE THE NEWER SONG "I LOOK TO YOUALMOST AS MUCH. I feel it says how she was feeling the last few years of her life and was looking to God for help.

Epic performance

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7 Run to You

It's so amazing and emotional song! It really can touch people's souls.

A very beautiful song, a total MUST-HEAR. (If I didn't explain a lot about this song, it doesn't mean I am underestimating it).. You must hear RUN TO YOU!

It uplift my spirit, after losing the love of my life I keep on listening to it more often. I loved Whitney more than anything her songs are so amazing

This is really her best

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8 One Moment in Time

This is such a wonderful song,. It epitomizes whitney's excepionnal vocal talent because it as song full of high notes and belting, and its lyrics are very inspirational and extremely meaningful, and can put someone on tears quickly. It is one houston song that should not be missed, for it shows Whitney's vocal ability.

I love this song! The absolute greatest song by whitney to me. Such a powerful voice and so inspirational. Amazing rest in peace whitney, we love you

The greatest song that I heard and for me she was a wonderful lady and I miss her and her voice especially because she had a wonderful voice that the god gave it to her.

Amazing song

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9 All the Man that I Need

True masterpiece from Whitney Houston. This song should be at least in the Top 5. Very beautiful voice, melodious sound and touching lyrics. Whitney's performance is adorable - Irina2932

Just perfection! This is the most emotional performance I've ever heard... Can't listen to this song only once. Her vocal abilities are exceptional and the closing of this song is magnificent

I just love how she hits the notes it's not her biggest hit but it is surely one of her best.

This song is amazing! It should be on the third place!

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10 I'm Every Woman

RIP Whitney. Beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful smile. We will miss you so much. Too bad today's kids will never hear real talent like yours, natural without a computer to autotone your voice. So sad to lose a talent like this. Hope others who need it will now get the help they need.

I love this song.. Best song Whitney ever sang! Awesome lyrics as well! Rest in peace sweet lady!

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11 I'm Your Baby Tonight

This song really has no genre which makes it fantastic. Her power and high notes and runs seem like it'd be an r&b song but I think it crosses over well.

Very nice song - one of her biggest hits from the 90's - Larissa

Song gives me chills I feel this song in my soul as if I'm singing it!

12 So Emotional

I adore this song, I listen to it all the time. Never gets old.

Original song and reminiscent of the time period. Hormones flying throught the air.

Sasha Velour

13 It's Not Right but It's Okay

Best song. The words are incredible. Whitney is still the best singer of all. She is an icon. She got the VOICE, the LOOK, the SMILE.

I couldn't imagine if someone else singing this song. Whitney really bring in on the "fun" side of the song although is about cheating man... Love it

When I was younger, I very liked this song. - BloodyMargarita

An awesome song

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14 When You Believe

With Mariah , two of the greatest divas . What a clash of the titans

She sings this song with mariah carey

So beautifull song and amazing voice from mariah carey and whitney houston. Love this song very much.

Whitney, Mariah
Need I say more?

15 All at Once

I adore Whitney's vocals in this songs. One of her most brilliant songs - Larissa

Always loved this song from when it first came out all those years ago. It's so beautiful!

Can't understand why its not top 3... With it outstanding lyrics...

The best Whitney song!

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16 Where Do Broken Hearts Go

I really really want to know why this song is not in her top 10.. It's is a very beautiful song. She touch this song like she kiss her loving one..

I agree this song should be in the top 10 it's actually my favorite. I would always try to sing it like her at karaoke. Lol. I know every word by heart. She sings it absolutely beautiful as usual.

Sad but so beautiful! Houston's voice sounds very moving - Larissa

This is such a pretty song... It should really be in top 10 below Greatest Love of All

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17 I Look to You

After all her struggling with drug abuse, and after rehab, whitney houston lost a big part of her voice, starting from years 1999-2000 and till today. But this song, which is quite new, is a very good song although whitney's vocals are not as always, but the meaning of this song left in me an impression after hearing it.

This song has truly made an impact on my life with its beautiful message about turning to God in times of struggle and her amazing voice and stunning beauty will be truly missed

I ink this is the most beautiful song. I was very touched when her brother struggled to sing his song after her death in the interview with Oprah Winfrey.

This song is the best for me.

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18 You Give Good Love

This is my favorite Whitney Houston song. Absolutely superb-the vocals, the lyrics, the music. It's sultry and smooth. Since it was mostly played on R&B stations, and on BET & VH1 (not MTV yet), I understand why it is ranked low. Not many people knew this one as much as Saving All My Love For You, which was her next song and her first # 1. Nonetheless, I think it's one of her best.

Why so low? This song is great. Well not as great as #1-4 but still this song is great. Favorite Whitney Houston song ever. I hold no regrets in saying that

This is true R&b at its finest! The vocals are superb on this song.

Best Whitney song ever. The soul and emotion she puts into this song is so deep and powerful. Should be much higher.

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19 My Love is Your Love

Not a typical Whitney Houston hit, nor the most notable showcase for her vocal gymnastics, but at once laid-back and intense, by turns subtle and then jarring - a masterpiece.

"My Love Is Your Love" - there's so much heart in it, you can't help but feel it.

This was my first dance wedding song

You gota b kidding me... This track not on top 10, practical joke!

20 Count on Me
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