Best Whose Line Games

Who doesn't love this great improv show. With it's supurb cast and host, and rockin hoedowns, it has some genius games.

The Top Ten

1 Scenes From A Hat

It may not be as popular, but one of my favorite games was always "Questions Only, " however, "Scenes From A Hat" will always be the best. "Hoedown" was great, but at times it was a bit monotonous.

Well, I was hoping to vote for Greatest Hits , or 2 line vocab or Q only. However, i always loved scenes from a hat because of the ingenuity of the actors! Whose line Forever!

2 Irish Drinking Song

I was in the studio for a live recording of Whose Line and simply couldn't believe how amazingly easy they made the Irish Drinking Song seem. It is easily the hardest out of all the games, and with Colin at the end it was pure brilliance. Wish they played it more.

3 Props

I love the use of all the props and how clever the actors are!

4 Hoedown

Definitely should be #1 on this list

I turn the show on just to see if they're gonna do a hoedown - crazyeyes56

5 Hats
6 Weird Newscasters
7 Questionable Impressions
8 Sound Effects

When it’s done with only Ryan and Colin, it is some of the best teamwork I’ve ever seen. They know each other so well.

This was always my favorite! - Freak_Show1

9 Show-Stopping Number
10 Party Quirks

Brilliant with Tony Slattery in!

The Contenders

11 Three Headed Broadway Star
12 Superheroes
13 Helping Hands

always get ryan to do gross stuff, lol

14 Greatest Hits
15 Questions Only
16 Let's Make A Date
17 Film Dub

I can teach her how to smoke, my hair is on fire as we speak. - BKAllmighty

18 Moving People
19 Narrate
20 Film and Theatre Styles
21 Two Line Vocabulary
22 World's Worst
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