Best Wicket Keepers

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1 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Awesome! He's the best wicket keeper


Nothing to say u just really awesome

Best keeper in the world ever seen

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2 Adam Gilchrist

What the hell! Dhoni is not better than Gilchrist. This guy stood up to the stumps for Mitchel Johnson and Nathan Bracken. Besides that, he's taken catches and executed stumpings that everyone gazes with awe at. Dhoni is definitely popular, but Adam Gilchrist is the greatest wicket keeper ever to stand behind international stumps

Man come on, did adam gilchrist ever stumed or run out someone without looking at the wickets, just taking the ball and passing it between his legs still with a smile on his face which shows that how much he is confident that the player is out even he haven't looked at wicket, and kumar sangakkara have more dismissal than gilchrist

He should be the first in this list Dhoni is not the best keeper he always make byes and he showoffs - Muzami


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3 Kumar Sangakkara
4 Mark Boucher V 1 Comment
5 Ian Healy V 1 Comment
6 Brendon McCullum Brendon McCullum V 4 Comments
7 Mushfiqur Rahim V 1 Comment
8 Moin Khan V 1 Comment
9 Rod Marsh V 1 Comment
10 Jeffrey Dujon

He is the best wicket keeper for West Indies - Muzami

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11 Umar Akmal
12 Godfrey Evans V 1 Comment
13 Wriddhiman Saha
14 Mohammad Shazad

This is best wicket keeper in the world

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15 Dinesh Karthik
16 Dinesh Chandimal
17 Jos Buttler
18 Jeff Dujon
19 Brad Haddin
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