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1 Scream & Shout

Best song. I think britney spears sing her vocals awesome. I can't believe it's not number one. You are now now rocking with and britney b**ch. Bring the action. Yeah.

This song made me feels that will.I. am is the best artist of all.. His voice is a magic

Just fab! Will I am's one of the best.. Britney spears is good but has a small part in the song..

Scream and shout is the best

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2 Hall of Fame

This song has to be in the top ten. Will.I. am just gives the song power and life. This is the script best song and Will.I. am 2 best song. First isthis is love. This is my 6 favourite song

Wow! What a Song this song should be up in top 3. Is nothing against it. Will.I. am and the script rock.

The best inspirational song I have ever heard in my life.
What is this song doing down here.
It should be in the top three.
Just listen to this song and know it for yourself.

Best song ever ok not exactly but still

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3 Omg

Amazing song oh my ghosh will I am is truly good because of his voice and superb song he has given to the world

Just great. Will I am is the best musician

This is not WILL I AM it is Usher

Will.I. am. & usher both rocks...

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4 Just Can't Get Enough

Great song with epic beats... Totally rocked with their performance

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5 That Power

This is the only good song with Justin Bieber in it. I love it for life

Best song ever it is so good that I listen to it ever day

It made it worse because Justin Bieber was in it. 4:48. That's how long it is! - lizard302

That Power is probably one of the GREATEST SONGS OF 2013 - lizard302

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6 In My City

Priyanka chopra with Will I Am rocks it... All time favorite...

Amazing song from miss world and will I am

Most beautiful song I ever heard...

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7 T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)

Omigod this song is amazing I love it so much anyone else who agrees with me; we need to get more people to listen to this song! It's so good I know all the words and have it on my ipod!

Like the song says it truly is the hardest ever T.H. E super great song better than you never get tired of listening to this song

Song is just super! Electro, techno, etc. Converted in this beautiful mix!

Best song ever especially when your waiting for something best time passer ever

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8 It's My Birthday

Best will.I. am song... Should be in top 5

Imma spend a dollar dollar dollar dollar - lizard302

Featuring Cody Wise & The Explores - lizard302

Best song ever

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9 This Is Love

Awesome. The best song by will.I. am. Who cares if it has a lot of hell yeah. Ever Simons perfect. You can't beat this song. The lyrics are awesome best song of 2012

Great song! It has a beat harder than metal I think this song should be the gossip at school THIS IS GREAT!

This song gives me a mystical feeling...

Great song. I is extremely catchy!

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10 Check It Out

Nicki Minaj and Will.I. Am are awesome in this song and they suit the song so well. Nicki Minaj's verses are good but the chorus lets it down a little bit. The bit at the end is awesome as well.

A very great catchy tune with Will.I. Am and Minaj that should deserve to be number one.

I love this song! It is one of the best songs ever!

Featuring Nicki Minaj & John Legend - lizard302

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11 I Love My Chick
12 Where is the Love?

This is the black eyed peas, but I'm voting because it's stil awesome

13 Bang Bang

I like the part where the woman sings, because it has a cool beat, but I don't like the rest. I'd like the song much more if there were more of the part that I like.

Nice song with nice beats...Will I am's one of the chillest song..

Superb Song based on the Charleston in a 1920s style

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang - lizard302

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14 I Got It from My Mama


15 Crazy Kids

This one is cool. - lizard302

16 Feelin' Myself

This is by far the best I mean all will.I. am's songs are boss but this has sick beats plus 2 proper raps not including the first verse and the harmonies are boss too!

Feeling myself with the sexy Miley Cyrus it's the best song round pips

In my opinion it's featuring too many people, but it's still a great song.

Nice rap.. Awsume... Beats... N nice voice.. Perfect combo.. I love this song

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17 Girls and Boys

Brilliant Song

Oh guys.. this must deserve number 1 - gauriuniyal

18 Heartbreaker

This song is awesome. - lizard302

It is the one of the first and last superb song of my life I ever heard it is the deepness of the bottom of my heart I listen it 3day 2night without sleep this song and a hole year countinue listen this's reaaly fabulous song.

19 Boom Boom Pow

My favourite part:
Yeah the beat gonna turn me on
Into the future sabatron
Even faster even stronger
Takes the ladies
Extra longer
Because we gonna hit the bound
We gonna hit the bound
We gonna hit the-fader and the boom, boom in your town - lizard302

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20 3 Words

Awesome song... One of his best

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