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21 Fall Down

Will + Miley = Amazing collaboration!

It's a great song, I'm waiting for a video.

22 Big Fat Bass
23 In the Ayer

Actually really like it even though its flo rida's but his vocals make this song good.
- lovaboii72

24 Beep
25 Pump It
26 Great Times

I think it is the best---then comes after! I love this song! It turn the party ON... And if I'm not at a party.. It's the party ON ME!

What! Must be in the top five... Far better than Fergilicious!

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27 Damn Girl
28 One More Chance
29 Yes We Can
30 Let's Go

It's with Chris brown.. Well done 2 of you

31 Ghetto Ghetto
32 Something Really Bad
33 Nothing Really Matters
34 Hello

Very beautiful song, excellent sound!

It should be in the top 10 at least!

35 It Don't Mean Nothing
36 Fergalicious

This song is the best will.I. am song that he sang with the black eyed peas

Oh my gosh he is amazing in this song

37 The Traveling Song

This song is by far the best songs by him... No other song stands in competition, not even close not at all... You just listen to it once and then it strikes and you listen again and again(this song kind of gives me tickles.. Laugh out loud)but it really gets down to you... GO... VOTE FOR IT

Amazing amazing song I just love the tune its like a good vibe kind if song it gets you in the move in the movie alex's dance moves go really with the song no wonder its amazing at least deserves to be in top 5

I liked the song when I heard it in Madagascar 2 and fell in love with it don't even know why its all the way down here SERIOUSLY!

When I hear this I hear childhood

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38 Reach for the Stars

This Definitely should go up.. Amazing' song... Really sets up the mood and body..!

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39 Born to Get Wild

Boorrn to get wi-wi-wild - lizard302

40 Drop It Low
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