Best Will Smith Movies

The Top Ten Best Will Smith Movies

1 The Pursuit of Happyness

Will smith was too good in this movie he showed so many things perseverance determination etc he followed his dreams to the end and was a great father to his kid

So emotive movie, teaches some lessons.

I cry every time I watch this movie :'( so happy at the end

There was like only one happy part in this movie but great movie though

2 I Am Legend

I love every part of this movie, especially the end.

The best movie ever made

This movie is boss! It's so sad when the dog dies, though. Especially when you've experienced that. I cry every time... and I'm not a crier. - bigbradwolf

The only downside was his pointless death. Ruined the chance of a sequel, too. - sameera62

3 I, Robot

I, Robot is a masterpiece. A classic underrated film

This movie was pretty good it should be at least one spot higher I guess

A great film. Should be higher!

4 Independence Day

Should be much higher on the list!

Best movie ever

I like this movie very much

5 Men in Black

Deserves the number 1 spot, Will Smith is so funny in this movie - roblist

"N.Y.P.D.- Means I will kNock Your Punk-a*s Down!" - eaglerunner24

This movie is great. I can't believe that I am legend is number 1 that movie disappointed me.

This movie was TERRIBLE! It should not make the top ten

6 Enemy of the State

The most underrated film EVER. The action, the story, the intelligence and the drama of this film gives this the potential to be a classic. Can't understand why this isn't at least top 3.

This is his best serious role ever. When this movie came out, like all comedians going serious I thought it was going to be terrible, but he did a wonderful job. In my mind his best movie ever. - westofohio

Not only the best Smith film, but the greatest Tony Scott film as well - Mcgillacuddy

This should be number 1. Very underrated movie

7 Seven Pounds

Will Smith's acting was impeccable in this film - Mcgillacuddy

No matter what the critics say, it's a definitely a great movie (maybe not the best, but definitely great)


This movie was so great should at least be better than Hancock

8 Hancock

Yes! This movie gots to be number 2( I mean what can beat I am legend! )

What a blast this is
Great actor

I didn't like it but loved

9 Focus

This was a very good movie as well definitely top ten

Its amazing have never seen like this before

10 Hitch

This is such a funny movie. Will Smith is... The date doctor! Chris Rock is funny in this too(he's in my all time fave movie grown ups) and the bit when Albert starts dancing in front of hitch and he says "don't ever... EVER, do that again" is pure comedy genius. I did prefer his character in the fresh prince though. - Mushroom99

True Love Story, problems, that occur during dating period and happy endings for all

I'm a big fan of Will Smith live all his movies especially Hitch!

Worth watching at least once... Relaxing movie

The Contenders

11 Men in Black 3

"Men in Black" is the same as "Men in Black 3" it's just the third one of it.

12 Bad Boys

This movie was hilarious and two of made a good chemistry

13 Ali

A very accurate portrayal of Mohammed Ali. This is definitely one of his better acting moments; although some of the movies on this list are better overall.

Played as an icon

14 Men in Black II

Hey Will smith tell your daughter I love her music thanks oh! And I like your movies too. Bye :D

15 Concussion

An amazing movie and likely to win him this years Oscar for best actor

16 Bad Boys II
17 Collateral Beauty

I cried so much

How isn't this a book? - LowMiner50

18 Six Degrees of Separation

An underrated movie that every person should watch, an intelligent dialogue and interesting premise. Will Smith is on his game in this movie, and his performance is just as good as the incredible cast of Six degrees of separation movie.

19 Aladdin (2019)

Will Smith as the genie is amazing in this film he sing the songs well he's got good jokes and he's funny.

I mean he's no Robin Williams, but he still did great here.

Come on will Smith a rapper and a singer too

20 Shark Tale

AH that's HOT that's HOT. - B1ueNew

I loved this movie

21 After Earth

A good movie indeed. the father son relation

Great film with great actor

22 Wild Wild West

Great film however only choosing this as it's not on here yet. Smith is favourite actor by far and can't choose between any of his films

23 Bright
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